How Negative Thinking Affects your Brain

It has been told time and time again that it is important to think positive thoughts for a positive outcome. But this statement is entirely true. The energy you put into something is the energy you get out of something. However, thinking negatively may not only give you negative outcomes in situations, but can affect your life on a day-to-day basis.

But don’t worry that you think negatively; matter in fact it is human nature to think that way. According to Rick Hanson, Ph.D. a neuropsychologist, humans are evolutionarily wired with a negativity bias. We focus on the bad and get rid of the good. This was a way for our ancestors to avoid threats and find rewards. If our ancestor woke up the next morning and successfully avoided a threat the day before, they would have the opportunity to collect a reward. This is how the human brain evolved to focus on threats.

All of this translates to our modern lives. Because we are not in life threatening situations everyday or in survival mode, we find stressors throughout our common lives. Our brains produce more neural activity from negative stimuli than positive stimuli. This also means that we remember negative situations more than we do positive ones. It is important that we constantly think about the positive situation and give ourselves credit so we produce more positive stimuli.

The more stressed out we are, the more cortisol our brains produce. This breaks down the hippocampus (the memory forming part of the brain) and over time can lead to a harder time to producing positive memories. This proves that our brains are literally shaped by our thoughts. “According to Hanson, the synapses in our brains that fire frequently become more sensitive. Our experiences and thoughts can lead to the growth of new synapses and even change our genes, altering the very structure of our brain. Or, as Hanson writes, ‘the brain takes its shape from what the mind rests upon.’”

So all of this might seem overwhelming, especially if you are a negative thinker to begin with. But it is proven that it is possible to change our thought patterns and create a better life for you. Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to do this. By releasing some of those negative emotions and thought patterns, you can finally start to find happiness and possibly even change the way you think! Negative thinking may be caused by fear or lack of confidence. You may have a fear of not having enough money or too much money. You may have fears that were created when you were a child or from recent situations. Sound healing can pin point what exactly is causing the negative emotions and can clear these emotions so you can create a better future.

Living with Negative Energy

Whether it is a family member, a neighbor or your coworker, chances are you have someone very negative in your life. Their constant complaining and blaming can drive you crazy. They won’t stop talking about the same negative situation time and time again. They never take responsibility for any of their actions and believe the world is out to get them. After spending a few hours or maybe even minutes around them it might feel impossible to escape that energy. Here are a few tips to avoid negative energy, even if you can’t avoid that person.

1. Don’t React: Most of the time the person who is ranting is looking for a reaction to validate their feelings. If you do not react you are not giving them the satisfaction they are looking for. Over time they will probably stop giving you negative energy because you are not returning the negative energy. Instead of reacting simply say, “I’m sorry that happened to you.” Or “Maybe next time will be better.”
2. Give off positive energy: Start the day off right by flashing them a huge smile and wishing them a great day. They might be confused at first but it will get them thinking about being more positive. Also, the energy you give off is the energy you attract. The negative person may no longer find themselves at your desk or badgering you at family gatherings.
3. Don’t Dwell: If you find yourself dwelling on how annoying that person is, you are only inviting more negative energy into your space. It is important to remember that they are the unhappy ones, not you.
4. Understand where they’re coming from: This does not mean you need to dive into every detail of their “dramatic” lives or figure out why they are constantly negative. Instead, realize that there is an imbalance in their lives and they are unsatisfied with themselves. They may not even realize these things. This has nothing to do with you.
5. Debrief: Once that negative person has entered your life, there is a great chance that you pick up on their energy. Take a little time after your conversation or encounter to collect your thoughts and build your positive energy back up. You do not want negativity lingering throughout your day.

If you are struggling with negative people in your life, Holistic Sound Healing will be able to help. By changing your energy and thought process, it will become easier to handle situations in your everyday life. But in the meantime, practice these tips and notice how you won’t let negative energy affect your life!

The Blame Game

We all know somebody who immediately places the blame on someone else whenever something goes wrong. Maybe we are that person; maybe we live with that person. Either way it can become stressful to handle those constant feelings of anger and denial.
There is a breakdown that happens in the blamer’s mind when their actions don’t go as planned or they have unintended results.
1. Protect core beliefs
2. Meet their desires
3. Coping with their emotional state by judging others

All these processes that go through the blamer’s mind comes down to one simple trait. They engage in selfish behavior. These people believe that by placing the blame on someone else, they are protecting their core beliefs and therefore in denial. Blaming other people will make them feel less guilty and satisfy their inner desire to feel good about themselves. If the blamer is flustered or even embarrassed, it is easier to pick out the flaws in others to over rule the fact that they messed up. It is a simple process that can cause a lot of drama.

Selfishness is a short-term fulfilling behavior that takes no concern of other people or long-term consequences. So how can we determine if someone is selfish? Typically a selfish person has low self-esteem and therefore will do anything to make him or herself feel/look better. They look for short-term solutions that will give them some type of satisfaction. This brings us right back to the blame game. Blaming someone is a short-term solution that gives you immediate satisfaction.

People who are constantly blaming typically do not realize they are doing this. It is a pattern in their minds that is impossible to discover unless you are forced to see it. Do you ever find yourself having bad situations happen to you? Is negativity constantly surrounding your life? Are the people you are surrounded with dealing with the same problems you are? Holistic Sound Healing can help give you that positive energy back in your life. You will find yourself surrounded by more positive people and the ability to identify situations more clearly. You won’t feel as much hate or conflict in your life. The energy you give off is the energy you receive and find yourself surrounded by. Take a hard look at the group of people you are surrounded by and evaluate the different decisions in your life. A few sessions of sound healing could change your life!

“That Gut Feeling”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Trust your gut” or “I just had a gut feeling.” Well these phrases are becoming a lot more reputable. According to new research, our Gut Flora (bacteria, fungi and viruses) living in our gut can affect our mental health. There is said to be about six pounds of these flora living in our bodies. An imbalance of these can cause a variation of disorders including anxiety and depression.

Dr. Emeran Mayer from the University of California, Los Angeles believes that the micro flora living in children’s guts influence the developing structures in their brains as they grow up. These structures in their brains then influences their feelings and emotions along with mental health later throughout their life. Through a series of tests that take samples of gut bacteria and correlating them to MRI scans of the brain, there is a strong link to a specific amount/type of bacteria to different disorders.

Infants are exposed to their first gut bacteria from their mothers; however, throughout their early childhood antibiotics, diet, stress or even alcohol consumption may disrupt the bacteria.

So how does the bacteria in our gut communicate with our brains? It communicates directly via the Vagus Nerve that connects them. Research shows that there are more neurons wrapped around the gut than there are in the spinal cord. The bacterium is also able to produce neurochemicals that play a role in how we produce hormones and regulate our moods. Some of these mood hormones include serotonin, dopamine and gamma-amino butyric acid-which play a large role in anxiety and depression.

So your next question is, how do we fix the problem? It’s a smart idea to take probiotics to help foster the good bacteria found in your stomach. It is also a good idea to eat healthy and exercise to increase a healthy digestive system. But another great way is to use Holistic Sound Healing. Sound healing will help tell your body that it does not need to be anxious. By releasing emotions of anxiety and/or depression, it will be easier for your body to heal.

I have personal experience in problems with my stomach correlating to my anxiety. A few years ago I became very ill after a bad bout of food poisoning. My stomach was nowhere near where it needed to be in order to be healthy. I wasn’t able to keep any food in my system long enough to get the proper nutrition and I was unable to gain weight; I was only losing weight. I noticed that when my stomach would act up, so would my anxiety. It took about two years until my stomach started to finally kick the bad bacteria and produce more of the good bacteria. Sound Healing helped subside my anxiety and allow me to not worry about my stomach problems. This was a huge help because eventually my anxiety had created worse stomach problems. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. This is why I encourage Sound Healing to help with stomach problems linked with anxiety and depression. Also, talk to your doctor about a probiotic that works well for you. For more information about gut bacteria being linked to your emotions, follow the link below.

How Chronic Pain is Linked to Your Emotions

We all know somebody who is dealing with some sort of chronic pain. Those are the people who have to get up during the meeting because they can’t handle their back pain any longer. Or they’re the people who have been on pain relieving medication for years and complain how it never works. It’s the people who avoid going out in public because of their intense headaches. There are so many different ways to experience pain.

Is the pain real or is it all in your head? It is possible that the physical pain could actually be gone, but the neurotransmitter receptors in your brain have not shut off. They still think your body is in pain and signals to your body that it is in danger. Think of it as a bad breakup. You may have trust issues and not be capable of feeling for someone else for a while. Your brain learned this behavior and it is its way of protecting you. This is the same for pain. Unfortunately, something in your brain didn’t shut off and it still thinks you are in pain. “As pain becomes chronic, the sensory components become less important and the emotional and behavioral components tend to take on more importance,” says Jodie Ann Trafton, director of the Veterans Administration Palo Alt Health Care Systems Program Evaluation and Resource center in California. “This is because of learning. Having pain is a strong emotional experience. It will reshape your behavior. It will reshape how you interact with the world. And that in itself means your brain is going to respond differently over time.” (

“Emotions, just like pain, are creations of the physical brain, specifically the midbrain. Emotions emerge from a complex interaction of electrical and chemical impulses in the brain, resulting in a cascade of nerves firing and chemicals being secreted. Neurotransmitters are involved with the experience of pain as well as with emotions. They are responsible for sending information between nerves about the pain and/or emotions being sensed… “ Mel Pohl M.D., FASAM states on
So now you have this lingering chronic pain that isn’t actual physical pain but you still can’t do anything about it. That is false. At Rediscover Yourself Holistic Sound Healing we are able to clear some of these negative emotions that are linked to your chronic pain. We store our emotions in different parts of our bodies and by clearing these emotions we may be able to feel relief in these areas. By releasing these emotions we are allowing our neurotransmitters to calm down and heal again. Your whole body will start to feel a sense of calm. Your brain will no longer tell your body that you are in danger and that the pain can stop. So don’t worry if it’s all in your head! You are still feeling legitimate pain that your body cannot end just because you know about it. Your receptors need time to heal and it is your job to assist them with that! Let holistic sound therapy help with your chronic pain.

5 Simple Habits That Will Make You a Better Person

It’s easy to compare yourself to other people. There are so many different reasons as to why you are different from other people. Whether it was how you were raised, how you weren’t raised, where you grew up, who you grew up with, or different life events-no matter what it is, it impacts your life. These differences are why we have so many conflicts. Instead of comparing what is similar and different, we need to start adjusting and adapting to the situation that is in front of us. At Rediscover Yourself LLC, we are able to remove negative emotions linked to these factors and increase the positivity in your life. Playwright and philanthropist George Bernard Shaw quotes, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Here are the 5 simple habits that will make you a better person

1. Be Considerate: It is important to be aware in any situation. Not everybody has the same mind frame that you do. What makes them uncomfortable might not make you uncomfortable and vice versa. Instead of focusing on yourself in social situations, try to look around you and notice the body language and other aspects of these people. Evaluating the situation and thinking before you speak might save you a lot of trouble in the near future.
2. Fight Fair: Although it is never a good idea to be hostile and start a fight, sometimes it is necessary for you to stand up for yourself. Not everyone is as considerate as you and instead of making the situation worse and being confrontational, it might be a good idea to take a step back and overview the situation. Don’t say anything harmful or negative. Question yourself, is what you’re fighting about worth it? Is it starting to get out of hand? The most important thing to remember is that you always have control over how you react in a situation.
3. Apologize: There are many different types of apologies. The sarcastic type, the insincere ones and contradictory apologies. The best kind of apology is one that is genuine and sincere. If there are still loose ends after an apology things were not resolved and that means there will be prolonged resent in the future or even another necessary apology at an irrelevant or inconvenient time. It is always best to confront those problems right away so there will not be any extra stress or resent.
4. Compromise: Everyone has his or her own opinions. Like I mentioned before, everybody is raised differently and have different factors relating to why they are the way they are. Instead of being stubborn and irrational, it might be a good idea to try to understand where they are coming from and although you may not agree, it might be a good idea for you both to move forward with the give and take process. Besides, change will always be prevalent in our lives and it is important that we are constantly adapting. This is how we move forward.
5. Move On: Everyone experiences hurt, loss, pain and other negative emotions in their life. Once you let time take away the pain and stop dwelling over the pain you used to feel, amazing things will start to happen for you. Your mind has the power to love again, feel again and even be happy again. Trust the flow of life and you will not be disappointed.

So there you have the 5 basic habits that will make you a better person. It may be hard to practice some of these due to previous pain in your life or dramatic events. Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to remove those negative emotions and allow you to practice these habits. Once you remove negativity from your life, only positive experiences will be attracted to you and it becomes so much easier to be positive and happy.

Do you have a fear of flying?

Flying in an airplane is a very regular and common fear. It may feel like you do not have control over events that could possibly happen. As soon as those plane doors close you may feel trapped and suffocated. This is prevalent in a lot of people. This may even hinder their abilities to go visit family, go on business trips or even be near an airport.

Most people start to manifest this fear to create unnecessary scenarios or events that might happen. By manifesting these negative emotions people may experience panic attacks or becoming very ill on planes. Some people say there is no way to overcome your fear unless you face it. That act in itself can seem daunting and almost immobilizing. But there is a way to help get over your fear of flying without actually stepping foot on a plane.

Sound therapy is able to release those negative thoughts and/or manifestations you have about flying. By acknowledging the fear you have and clearing it, you will be able to think about flying without feeling the same emotions you did before. Whether you are claustrophobic, paranoid or just down right terrified of flying, sound therapy can assist you in diminishing your fear of flying.

“Before the trip, and after my visit to your office, I tested myself by visualizing entering and exiting the plane, with body to body people trying to get on or off.  Normally this visualization gave me a sick feeling in my stomach; but, this time it did not…”

This is a testimonial from someone who has benefitted from sound therapy. She had sever claustrophobia and needed multiple Xanax pills to get through one flight. Through the process of sound therapy she was able to get through a flight with just one Xanax and she keeps feeling better about flying.

Sound therapy will help immensely with your fear of flying; however, it is important to practice helpful techniques to prevent yourself from becoming nervous.

  1. Focus on your breathing while you are in the cabin
  2. Try to choose an isle seat for easy access
  3. Get to the airport ahead of time so you won’t be surprised if there are any delays
  4. Bring a little snack and buy some water at the airport. It’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up while you are flying. (Hunger releases the stress hormone cortisol and it is important to prevent that)
  5. Make sure you are organized and have a digital and hard copy of your boarding pass/tickets
  6. Bring a book or movie to watch while you are in flight to distract yourself
  7. Always remind yourself that this flight, no matter how long or short, will eventually be over and you will be at your destination in no time

If sound therapy can help with a fear of flying, imagine all the other fears we can work with. Is there something in your life that is bothering you? Now is the time to decide that you don’t need to deal with it anymore. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt.


Anyone Can Become Rich

If you ask a millionaire how they became rich, they will most likely give you inspirational advice and different tips and tricks about financing and investing. But the truth is, those tips and tricks will only work for a few people. They will work for the people who actually want to become rich.

It is pretty safe to say that almost everybody would love to have a plethora of money and never worry about staying afloat or not; but most people are not goal oriented enough to satisfy that desire. You can ask for all the tips and tricks in the world but in the end it is how you view the goal.

In order to become rich you must visualize that money in the bank. You must visualize what you want to do with that money and where you would spend it and invest it. It is necessary for your brain to hold on to legitimate goals so it doesn’t seem like a relaxed dream.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Work smarter, not harder’? It is important that every step you take leads you onto the path that will make you wealthy. Every decision you make must lead you to a path with abundance and security. Becoming rich means obtaining a lot of money, but to secure that money you must be passionate and enjoy what you do. Your brain wants to be happy and by focusing on the path to wealth, it is key to make sure you are happy along the way. Don’t waste your time on tasks or objectives that are tedious and make you unhappy.

Everyday is an opportunity to do something that will get you closer to your goal. Write down what you are going to do that day that will further you on your path to wealth. This may seem redundant and at times a bit ridiculous, but it is the best way to train your brain into constantly thinking of ways to reach your goal. This also gives you self-discipline.

If you truly want something your whole life has to be focused on achieving that goal. Affirmations are a great way of training your brain to focus on that goal and adjusting your lifestyle to it. If we constantly focus on how much money we don’t have or how hard it is going to be to pay the bills, we are only putting our energy into the negative side of money. It is important to stay positive and only think of the benefits. Here are some affirmations you should say to yourself:

“I feel Rich”

“I am willing, ready and able to receive money”

“I have the power to attract money”

These affirmations allow your mind to think you already have the power and money and you are receiving all incoming money with gratitude and confidence.

Even after doing all of this, you may still not believe that you are able to become rich or wealthy. Sound therapy is a great way to release those thoughts from your mind and give you more confidence in your process to becoming rich. The energy you give off after completing a few sound therapy sessions will start to attract experiences or opportunities in your life to become wealthy.

Overall, gaining money is not only from efforts of hard work and investing techniques; but from the way we think about it. By thinking the only way to become wealthy is by working yourself silly, you are limiting your income. Opening your energy and retraining your brain on how it thinks about money, you are receiving many different possibilities.


How to Become Confident

Have you ever heard of the term ‘You are what you eat’? Well it is the same with your thoughts! You are what you think. This sounds too easy to be true and often times our society makes problems more complicated than they truly are. However, you can change the way you present yourself just by how you think and act.

It seems like everyone doesn’t have as much confidence as they would like these days. It is easy to go on social media and see someone or something that seems far too impossible to obtain. It’s even worse that you’re comparing yourself to whatever you are looking at! But there are some very few simple steps to gaining more confidence. By doing these steps you will notice increased respect from people, clearer goals and maybe even a happier life!

  1. Dress to impress. Even though image isn’t everything, it is important to present yourself in a way that you will be proud of. So by putting on that new suit or dress you’re really telling yourself that you’re proud of who you are and you respect that by allowing other people to know you are proud of whom you are.
  2. Posture is important. Body language plays a large role in how we communicate. The words coming out of your mouth won’t give the conversation justice if you are not sitting up straight and looking attentive. A slouched position is a sign of defeat and lack of confidence. By elongating your spine in every vertebra you will seem like a more dominant figure.
  3. Speak up and clearly. A voice that shakes and mumbles is a sign of shyness and insecurity. If you are in an important meeting or delivering a message it will be hard to believe or be persuaded by what you are saying. By using a strong loud voice you are allowing people to believe because of your confidence. So speak up, even if it’s scary.
  4. Practice what you preach. By practicing habits that you encourage, you are convincing yourself to believe in these habits or that lifestyle. Even if at times you don’t think you can do something; practicing can make you subconsciously believe you can.

It is easy to get caught up in day-to-day slumps and become overwhelmed by the different forces in life. However, by investing time into yourself you will achieve an even greater sense of fulfillment and enjoy more success in your life. Let’s see how confident you can be!

How to Improve Your Energy

It is a proven law that our bodies do not only end with our skin, but the energy that creates a field around us. When we have positive energy, positive experiences will be attracted to your energy. However, it is very possible to harvest negative energy. This can happen by eating unhealthy/over-processed foods, drinking alcohol, not getting enough sleep, and different radioactivity from technology devices. Really the list goes on and on. So it can become very easy to have a negative aura.

Having a negative aura leads to even more problems. Negativity will be attracted to your life and that can lead to a spiraling and overwhelming effect. Have you ever heard the phrase “What you put into something is what you get out?” That is similar to our energy.

Sound therapy is a great way to improve your energy. It does this by removing the negative energies/thoughts you have kept inside your body. This allows your frequencies to become more balanced creating higher and improved energy.

By removing negative thoughts from your life, you are allowing positive energy to flow through your body. By doing this more positive energy will be attracted to your life. You may start to see an improvement in your relationships with loved ones, coworkers, friends and even strangers. You will have a calmer presence about you that will attract more people into your life. You will no longer be thinking in an instinctual way but rather in a clearer and higher self.

Although sound therapy will help improve your energy and clear negativity in your life it is important to maintain positive practices in your life. Here are a few ways to balance your positive energy.

1. Meditation: Meditation allows you to connect with your higher self and unwind after a long day or prepare for a full day. Meditation helps you reach a mindset of clarity and strength.

2. Essential Oils: Essential Oils have different effects for every oil. They can rejuvenate you, relax you or even relieve pain.

3. Yoga: by opening your body to this practice your chakras are able to become aligned and stabilize you. Most people live their day-to-day lives with all of their chakras closed off which is a sure sign of imbalance.

4. Exercise: Exercise releases endorphins and relieves stress. It is important to practice things that will give you positive energy afterwards and exercising is proven to do so.

If you maintain these practices on top of sound therapy, there is a good chance you will be having many positive experiences. Our minds are just as fragile as our bodies and it is important that we take care of them. By practicing these essential things, we are exercising our minds to become better.