Bonnie Vincent ~ Founder / Trainer

Helping people has always been a passion of mine. Being able to change people’s lives by clearing the negative thoughts that are holding them back from their true potential is so powerful. When I found my inner power and confidence, I realized my true strength and wanted to share this amazing gift!

The words I live by ”Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Ghandi
Three words to describe Bonnie are:Intuitive - Empowering - Confident
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Steve Vincent ~ Co-Founder / Trainer

I have overcome so many hardships in life, including the loss of my only child.
Energy sound healing has provided me a way to understand life more clearly and
it also allows me to support and guide others to do the same.
I have always found fulfillment in helping others by serving on boards,
volunteering or just stepping up when an opportunity presents itself. Becoming a
practitioner has allowed me to discover ways of helping people that I could not
have possibly imagined before. If you have questions before you book an
appointment, give me a call so you can have all your questions answered and be
confident that you are making the right choice by coming to Rediscover Yourself.
I’ve found my true purpose in life through energy sound healing
Three words to describe Steve are: Caring - Sincere - Determined
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Tina Kemp ~ Practitioner

I have always had this feeling inside of me that my true purpose in life was to help people, but on a deeper level than I ever knew how. After being introduced to energy sound healing, and experiencing the amazing impact it had not only on myself, but on those that I love, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Now, as a practitioner, I have the opportunity to help people rediscover the inner peace and joy that life has to offer each of us every day.

Three words to describe Tina are: Inspired - Compassionate - Genuine

(920) 606-6830

Billy Jo Collette ~ Practitioner

As a young adult holding down a very demanding schedule,I have found energy sound healing to be a resource to turn to when encountering emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, social pressure, and even acne. I am inspired to make life's path easier for others my age and to help individuals of every age, release the emotions that may be causing them illness and are holding them back from living life to its fullest potential.


Tanya Ver Voort ~ Practitioner

My exposure to energy sound healing began with my own personal experience while helping a close family member who was being bullied in school. This experience has left me with a deep need to help others learn how to heal naturally. There is no better joy than helping people around me go to levels higher than they ever thought they could! Now as a practitioner making one person smile can change the world... maybe not the whole world, but their world.

Three words to describe Tanya are: Motivated -  Passionate - Unique

(920) 428-6827

Nichole Korth ~ Practitioner

Since I was a little girl I have always had the need to help others. When I was introduced to the energy sound healing and heard and saw the impact it has done on myself and others, I new this was something I needed to do.  Now as a practitioner I have the opportunity to help others at a much deeper level.

Three words to describe Nichole are: Genuine - Balanced -Compassionate


Amy Joski ~ Practitioner

I love working hands on with people to make a positive difference in their lives. Being a widowed mother of three beautiful children, I have experienced my own share of struggles in this journey through life. Finding ways to overcome obstacles has led me to a path where I am able to utilize my skills. Helping others just comes naturally for me. Allow me to show you how wonderful your life can be when you remove the negative and replace it with positive thoughts and energy.


Shawn O'Leary ~ Practitioner

I have overcome a number of obstacles in my journey before finding my path to helping others. Overcoming addictions was a hard battle but in 2007 I won, mostly because I never gave up. The experiences that I learned have taught me how to successfully deal with obstacles that so many people face today. Meditation has showed me the role vibration and specific frequencies play in the healing process. When using energy sound healing, we can clear the negative emotions that cause the majority of our problems. I would be honored to earn your trust and help you become better than you ever thought possible.

(920) 264-6803

Denise Alexander ~ Practitioner

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen” ~Shakti Gawain

In the words of Gawain, I am dedicated to my clients as “they listen” to their bodies need for healing and health. In my practice I nurture the connection of mind, body and spirit for healing purposes.When the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole persons are developed, true health care be achieved. Thru my 18 years of training and experience I have perfected my skills, blended various styles and enhanced my knowledge to help individualize the needs of my clients. As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor & A Professional Massage Therapist I offer my clients the opportunity to be educated about their health not only physical but emotional as well. The word “Doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere” meaning “to teach.” As a Naturopath I teach/educate natural ways to enhance health, promote optimal wellness and encourage longevity. The Naturopathic approach is holistic and focuses on maintaining wellness with an emphasis on disease prevention.

Three words to describe Denise are: Insightful - Sincere - Confident


Kristin Kauth ~ Practitioner

I have always had a deep empathy and caring for people going through life's challenging situations. I came across Sound Healing Therapy a few years back when I didn't know where to turn in life as I was completely mentally exhausted. After feeling the power behind such a healing opportunity I knew that I wanted to become a Practitioner and share this with everyone I could. Life experiences create emotions; negative or positive and my intention is to help people find their own inner peace again.

Three words to describe Kristin are: Empathetic - Passionate -  Integrity


Michelle Poole - Practitioner

As a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, I experienced the alone feeling and helplessness of thinking there wasn’t anyone I could open up to. My situation created many physical issues early in life. Chronic high anxiety and stress lead to debilitating digestive issues in my teenage and early adult years. I didn’t fully connect the dots, that my emotional traumas were linked to my physical issues until five years ago. A friend had referred me to Rediscover Yourself for a completely separate reason. Spirit works in mysterious ways! Sound Therapy was the key that allowed me to release, heal, and finally speak about my childhood abuse. Now as a Practitioner, I found that I am drawn to helping others, work through a variety of issues of their own and reclaim the life they were meant to live!


Barb Bigalke - Practitioner

We all walk through this path called life and along the way we have bumps and bruises from negative life events.  I know first-hand as my life journey has had many obstacles in the road.  With those life experiences it has brought me to a deeper empathetic and compassionate level for helping another on their journey. Energy sound healing is a natural extension of my existing work as a counselor, companion, and advocate for people.  Certified in Brain Spotting and Crisis Intervention allows me to meet people at whatever stepping stone they are currently at in life. Allow me to come along aside you and release the negative emotions that may hinder you from experiencing life to its fullest potential.  Join me for an enriching session to your inner empowering self.

(920) 750-9091