Holistic Sound Healing for the Skeptic

Holistic Sound Healing isn’t widely known and for some, it can be a skeptical experience. The idea that sound can heal your mind and body can be a hard concept to grasp. But I am here to explain to you how it works. And the only way I can actually prove to you that it works is by using facts and science!

To start, it is important to know that every life form on this planet depends on the electromagnetic field of vibration (Schumann Resonance Frequency). Our planet is electrically positive charged and the earth’s surface has a negative charge. Our Earth’s ionosphere cavity is created by the conductive surface of the earth and the outer boundary of the ionosphere. The tension in this cavity is relieved by lightning. Lightning has a frequency between 1kHz and 30 kHz. Lightning produces electromagnetic waves in very low frequency.

It wasn’t until Dr. Ankermueller made the connection between Schumann’s resonance and the alpha rhythm of brainwaves. The frequency found in the environment was almost identical to the frequency found in our brains. Dr. Ludwig furthered this theory by doing more research. He tested the environmental frequencies in large cities and near the ocean and found that the frequency waves were stronger near the ocean. This was due to good electrical conductivity. This is why when people go to the beach or after a big storm sometimes they feel refreshed, it’s because of the strong frequency.

Dr. Ludwig also researched old Chinese teachings about achieving perfect health. He discovered that in order to achieve perfect health, the Schumann wave simulation needed the geomagnetic signal to balance the human body. They experimented with student volunteers. They placed them in an underground bunker, which screened out magnetic fields. The students lived in the sealed environment for a month. The student’s circadian rhythms changed and they suffered from emotional distress and headaches. Once the experiment was over they were exposed to 7.8 Hz and were healthy again.

So what does all of this mean? Basically your brain is consisted of neurons and they use electricity to communicate with each other. This creates a brainwave pattern. The higher the brainwave frequency the harder it is to concentrate and it becomes more difficult to produce those feel-good chemicals like endorphins or dopamine. By lowering our brain frequency we can concentrate more and become more balanced. The positive and negative frequencies in the air that are created from our ionosphere have a large effect on how our brain frequencies function. Being by the ocean, there are plenty of negative ions and lower frequency so we may feel calmer. Being in a large city there is a lot of air pollution and toxicity in the air producing positive ions that have a higher frequency and may affect our brains in a negative way.

Manifesting Success

You may be sitting at a desk for your office job and you may be slightly unhappy. Maybe you’re driving to work every morning not exactly excited to start the day. Maybe you’re very unhappy with the career you’ve chosen. But in reality you feel that it would be too hard to start over rather than just dealing with your job. I mean, you’ve already made it this far right? And who knows, maybe you’ll get that raise?

Those are all excuses. They are preventing you from a lifetime of success. Success can be defined in a few different ways; however, my idea of success is being genuinely happy with where you are in life. Anyone has the potential to be successful. And if your definition of success is a swanky career and a nice salary, even more power to you! Whatever your goal or dream is, it’s possible to reach it.

So how do you reach it? Is it even possible to do? The first step you need to do is create a game plan. By establishing what you want to do and prioritizing the way you need to do it will keep you organized and give you more potential to succeed. The second thing you need to do is start pursuing the steps you need to take in order to accomplish this goal. Maybe you’re trying to release weight from your body. (You might want to read our article on how to ‘release’ weight) You’ve established that you need to eat healthier, workout more and have a more balanced lifestyle. Although you’ve got an idea of how you’re going to go about your goal, you’ll actually need to follow through. The third thing you will need to do is continue on your journey even when you have set backs. If you let yourself get down about the fact your gained two pounds over thanksgiving even though you’re on a huge diet, you will only create more obstacles and opportunities for you to succeed.

But the most important thing to remember when you are trying to climb the latter to success is your ability to train your brain to be focused on your success. This is the foundation to your goal and should be implemented in your life every single day. When you wake up in the morning you should think of your goal, when you eat breakfast you should think of your goal, when you are making dinner you should think of your goal. The only way success will flourish into your life is if you manifest it and allow it to grow. Every task you do during the day should be in relation to your goal. Instead of taking that hour to watch tv, spend that time logging down your schedule or evaluating what you did today to reach your goal. Through Holistic Sound Healing you can create a clearer space in your mind and have a stronger ability to figure out what you truly want. By discovering your purpose, success will follow you while you are chasing your passion. The key is staying focused and grounded and Holistic Sound Healing will fulfill both of those. So what are you waiting for? Success is possible for you so don’t wait a minute longer.

Re-Programming Your Brain

Struggling with a mental illness can be difficult. But what happens when you have done everything you can and you’re still not seeing results? You’ve done the therapy and you’ve tried the medication. Maybe you’ve even tried meditation or hypnosis or all of the above. You may be frustrated and hopeless which does not help your mental state to begin with. Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to clear any of those negative emotions that you have stored in your body. You are not your mental illness, you just happen to be living with a mental illness. But that is all it is. It’s an illness. And with the proper help you WILL get through it.

Holistic sound healing targets the different emotions that your body is storing. Whether you deal with depression, anxiety, OCD or any other type of mental illness, holistic sound healing can pinpoint what emotions you are feeling and potentially why you are feeling them.

Mental illness can be difficult when you are constantly told you will be battling it forever or, at the very least, a long time. Through holistic sound healing you can actually find relief and not be trapped by this illness. It is difficult to break free from the chains of mental illness when you are constantly told that you are different or ill or have a disorder. By changing your mindset you can open a world of possibilities.

Bob Proctor once gave the example in an interview with the Networking Times Magazine. “I’ll give you a good example for your readers to try. Question to the readers: are you right-handed, or left-handed? Okay, now I’m going to ask you to sign your name. Sign your name on a piece of paper. Now put the pen in your other hand. Don’t just read this—put your pen in your other hand. You can feel the tension building in your body. Your mind reacts to it. You think ‘I don’t write with my left hand. This is so uncomfortable. It’s so cumbersome. I’m going to make such a mess. I’m going to make myself look foolish, and what will my neighbor say?’ We’re not programmed to write with our other hand. People are programmed to live a certain way. What we’re saying is change the programming. It’s like learning a new language. It’s almost as if you go home and your family doesn’t speak English any longer, but French or Spanish. Eventually, you would learn what they are saying, but it would be extremely difficult and very stressful at the beginning.”

Mental illness can be compared to this. By using your opposite hand to write, or by choosing a different way to think of something, you will start gaining a new skill or a new behavior. At first it can be very stressful and almost tedious, but through time it will become natural. By changing the way you think you are opening up a possibility to a new way of life. This could even potentially eradicate your mental illness! I’m no doctor, so I have no guarantee. However, I know for a fact that positive thinking can go a long way. By telling yourself your different goals and objectives and implementing them into your daily life, you have the potential of changing your life! By changing the way you think and using Holistic Sound Healing as a way of dealing with your emotions, you will be overall happier and lead a healthier life.

Decisions, Decisions

Today I learned a brand new word. I’m sure many of you have heard this word before but for me it was a word that I definitely benefit from knowing. Ambivalence. For those of you who don’t know the definition of ambivalence, it simply means one person having opposing feelings towards the same objective. I know I have a lot of ambivalence in my life, especially when it comes to large and important decisions.

It is easy to fall and stay into the trap of ambivalence. Without making a firm decision, you will never move forward. With indecisiveness comes a long list of other problems. Reading Bob Proctor’s article “Decision” I was able to learn that indecisiveness can be the result of low self-esteem or confidence. Without the knowledge or practice of decision making in the past, it can be easy to stay in a state of limbo. By allowing yourself to stay indecisive, you are opening the doors to an unhealthy mindset filled with powerful emotions. Pretty soon, those emotions can take over different aspects of your life and leave your overwhelmed. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Just because I can’t make a decision means I’m going to become emotionally unstable and overwhelmed?!” It doesn’t necessarily mean that; but indecisions can leave room for a lot of unanswered questions and a sense of unfulfillment. Which in the long run can create more problems and unhappiness. Do you ever find yourself asking these questions over and over in your head?

Should I stay or Should I leave?

Should I do work or lay in bed?

Should I tell them or Shouldn’t I tell them?

Should I cook or go out to eat?

These are mild examples of problems that everyone faces. But ambivalence is prevalent in everyday occasions. Making decisions takes practice and you won’t become good at it unless you practice a lot. Even practicing self-discipline with these small tasks or thoughts can go a long way. Low self-esteem and confidence can lead you to constantly second guessing yourself and whether or not you are making the right decision. Through Holistic Sound Healing, we are able to clear any negative thoughts or doubts you have about yourself so you can reach your full potential. By working on your confidence, not only will your decision making improve, but you will have a better sense of who you are and your purpose in life. Finding yourself and learning to love yourself are huge key steps in developing a happy and healthy lifestyle. And decision-making is the key aspect in having a happy and healthy life. People who are more decisive are proven to have more money, have successful careers, better relationships and are overall happier.

So what are you waiting for? If you or somebody you know is very indecisive or lacking self-confidence or self esteem, you should try or recommend Holistic Sound Healing. By clearing those negative emotions and creating a better sense of who you are, you will have an overall more enjoyable life.

How stress can be good for you

Everyone knows that stress can have many negative side effects to your body. It can lead to heart problems, digestive problems, chronic pain, and central nervous system difficulties among many other things. Stress is overall bad for your body and when not treated it can affect your entire system.

Thinking about how stress affects your body is enough to stress you out! It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t leave much room for comfort. But according to a study through Harvard, people who viewed stress as a good thing ended up not experiencing the harmful effects from stress. By telling yourself that stress is good for the body and that it is helping you complete your tasks or challenges in a more efficient way, stress will not be perceived as harmful to your body.

When you are stressed your blood vessels constrict and your blood pressure rises. However, when you view your stress, as a good thing you are no longer worrying about it and your blood vessels will relax. Now you are only left with an increased heart rate, which can be a good thing. That is the way your body reacts when you are experiencing joy and pleasure. Your body releases stress hormones into the body, when it experiences something arousing or fearful. Both release stress hormones.

By changing the way you perceive a situation or how you think about something, you can change your life. Only thinking negatively will only give you negative results. Perceiving negative situations as a positive or benefit, you will be able to change the outcome or the way you feel during that situation. For example, lets say that you have a fear of roller coasters. You are waiting in line for the roller coaster, your heart is pounding and your palms are sweaty. You can’t stop thinking about how nervous you are. You just got in the cart of the roller coaster and you can’t stop shaking. Instead of thinking about how treacherous this experience is going to be, stop and tell yourself that your body is preparing you to be very excited. By turning your adrenaline into happy thoughts, you will be able relax your blood vessels and become less stressed. Throughout the ride you may even tell yourself that this is fun and you want to do it again! By the time the ride is over, your knees may still be shaking but you have a smile across your face. Although you were stressed throughout the whole time, you were telling yourself you were having fun and that enabled you to become less anxious. And the more rides you go on and practice that thought pattern you may even enjoy it!

So what happens when you know that you are stressed out but you still can’t make yourself think that it is a good thing? Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to release that fear of stress that we all have buried deep down. By releasing your fears of having anxiety or stress we are able to live our lives without worrying about what will happen if we are stressed out. Which that thought alone can give you enough stress! Our bodies are connected in every way. If something in your body is compromised, the rest of your body will be affected. It is important to remember that by viewing your body as a holistic being, your whole life will be healthier. Holistic sound healing is the first step in managing your emotions and finding a healthier solution to the different problems or difficulties in your life. By eliminating stress you are opening the doors to a healthier life.

Negative People

Sometimes being around certain people can just make us cringe or crawl back into bed just because they are flat out nasty or negative. It can be easy to see those people and think they are negative because they have nothing better to do. They may even be the kind of people that go through friends as fast as they go through the morning newspaper. They might even wonder why nobody sticks around or why the world is against them.

Chances are these type of people have gone through something in their lives where negative situations or thoughts were constantly pushed onto them. They may be very pessimistic and do not have much hope for life. But what they don’t realize is that they are their own determinants on how the world treats them. By viewing the world and society as strictly negative, you will only receive negativity. One of my favorite quotes by Buddha is, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” By only thinking negatively, negativity will engulf your life. It will translate through every aspect until you self-destruct. By harboring negativity you are pushing away your loved ones, dismissing your goals and not living in the moment. It can be detrimental to the health.

It is important to remember that negative people are not purposely negative towards you. They do not know how to act a different way and possibly don’t even realize they are being negative. However, through Holistic Sound Healing they are able to finally discover what it is like to break free from their negativity. They will start to release their fears and built up emotions from throughout their lives. By rediscovering their full potential, they may finally find what their true passion is. They will start treating the world with more positivity and will receive positivity in return. What you give to the universe is what you get from the universe. Everything is connected and the type of energy you exuberate is what will be given to you through situations and possibilities. People might start to stick around them longer, it will be easier to hold down jobs/careers. It will be easier for them to communicate and find less fighting in their lives. Their overall well being will be improved and more positive. If you know someone who is consumed with negativity in their life or believes the world is out to get them, Holistic Sound Healing may be a good option for them. It is a simple and enjoyable way to release your emotions and not suppress them like traditional therapy. It could be the key for their happy lives!

Are you a goal digger?

We all know a person who is crazy ambitious and has a million things they want to accomplish. Just being around them gives you energy to want to do something. Then after a while the high that they give you wears off and you start to wonder why you aren’t as excited about life and goals as they are. It makes you question if there is something wrong with you or if you’re just not meant to be as successful as them.

That is the farthest from the truth. The only way you will ever get anything that you truly want is if you work hard, think about it a lot, and dedicate everything you do to that goal. Is it your life-long goal to write a novel? Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Do you want to eventually get a job in a different city? There are a few different things that you need to do in order to chase your goals and dreams.

The first thing you need to do is stop saying ‘someday.’ If you say someday, everyday, it will never happen. That someday will just keep getting postponed and it will never happen. Do you think JK Rowling had this amazing idea about Harry Potter and said, “Hmm, maybe someday I’ll get around to writing this multi-billion dollar legacy?” Granted at the time she did not know what her creation would bring, but the fact that she sat down and did something she loved and was working towards finishing those books, she was following her goals. You have no idea how large the success from your goals could become. Wouldn’t you rather find out sooner than possibly never?

The second thing you need to do is set a plan. Even if you steer off of the plan, it’s okay because you have something to guide you. Without a general idea of what steps you need to take, it might become impossible to figure out how to achieve your goal. Do not become discouraged if your steps seem a little elaborate or hard to reach. It just means you will have to work harder towards your goal. The harder you work the sweeter the prize feels at the end.

Thirdly, if you feel like things are getting too hard-keep pushing. That is the moment something amazing is about to happen. If you keep pushing through that moment that is when you will experience the light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to reach out to friends and family and let them know if you need assistance in reaching your goal. It’s okay to ask for help and use assistance. The people who love you will want to see you succeed.

Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to uncap your inner inhibitions. By releasing your fears and negative emotions, you will be able to find your true goals and chase after them without hesitation. By rediscovering your inner self, you will be able to rediscover your goals and find what you truly want to work towards.

These are just a few steps and tips to chasing your goals. By making that someday, today, you will finally be able to start your journey. By setting a plan and figuring out the steps you need to take, it will be easy to stick to your goal. Through the tough times it is important to remember to keep pushing. Something amazing is right around the corner. And through the use of Holistic Sound Healing you will be able to release your fears and negative thoughts and enjoy your journey to reaching your goal. I hope these tips help you find your way to true happiness!


PMS is common with most women before they experience their menstrual cycle. But for some, the symptoms can be debilitating and leaving them with little control of their daily lives. Through intense emotional mood swings, lack of energy, headaches and pain throughout the body, it can almost be impossible to function.

Researchers suggest that intense PMS is due to an imbalance of hormones. There isn’t much research proven as to why PMS is more prominent in some people compared to others but it may be linked to genetics, nutrition and psychological factors. You may be storing emotion in your body that is linked to your menstrual cycle. Your body may not be processing a hormone efficiently and that alone can throw your whole body out of whack. Through Holistic Sound Healing we are able to relieve some of the dramatic emotions that are felt during PMS. For example, here is a testimonial from a woman who received treatments and experienced positive results. “…The first two months after the treatment, I felt tremendous improvement. I was experiencing very little emotional swing at all. The last two months I have been noticing a little more intensity coming back. However, it isn’t for 5 to 7 days like before the treatment. I am noticing one to two days before, some emotion, but it is only lasting for a short duration, 10-15 minutes or so and it is gone. I am very excited with the results I have gotten…”

This woman had dealt with intense PMS for over 20 years and couldn’t take the intense mood swings any longer. Chances are that emotions experienced during PMS are linked to a bigger problem. By clearing the negative emotions, your brain is able to think more clearly and work more efficiently. With a healthy mind, your body starts to become a well-oiled machine. Not only will clearing negative emotions linked to PMS help your PMS, but it could improve many other aspects in your life as well. Everything is connected and it is important to take care of our bodies.


If you are experiencing guilt in your life chances are you went through something traumatic or life changing. Even if you didn’t go through something traumatic you are holding onto a deep rooted emotion that you are not able to rid yourself of. This could be from disobeying your mother as a teenager and building resent, or cheating on a significant other. Guilt doesn’t even have to be present in such dramatic ways. You could feel guilty for cheating yourself of things you deserve. If you look inwardly, guilt can sometimes be present as a symptom of depression. You are lacking the confidence you need to feel worthy enough of certain situations and encounters and you may feel guilty about that. If someone spends money on you or you feel you are undeserving of being treated a certain way, you may be experiencing a lack of self worth which can lead to depressing thoughts.

But fear no more; you no longer have to be neither guilty nor depressed. Through Holistic Sound Healing we are able to distinguish what memories and thoughts are linked to your deep-rooted guilt and give you a more positive outlook on situations and even life! Therapy can suppress your guilt and make it easier to deal with, but Holistic Sound Healing will give you an opportunity to break free from those emotions. But in the mean time it is important to tell yourself different things to assist you in your process of not feeling guilty. In order to do this you can tell yourself these affirmations.

“I am the master of my own feelings and I will learn from my mistakes. Nobody is perfect and I will learn and grow.”

“I am worthy of amazing experiences and opportunities. I will accept what comes into my life with gratitude and open arms.”

“I am perfect just the way I am. I believe in myself and the people around me.”

“Today is the best day to let go of the past. I am worthy of a brighter day. I will not hurt the people in my life by past mistakes. I will show them I am a better person with each and every day.”

These are some affirmations that can assist your brain into not feeling guilt any longer. Your thoughts are what ultimately control what you feel. Do you have the power to control your guilt?

Can Holistic Sound healing Treat your Allergies?

Some days are more stressful than others. You may notice that your skin breaks out into red splotches or you are a little bit itchier than usual. When you’re stressed your body releases different hormones and chemicals into your body, for example: cortisol and adrenaline. This can affect your immune system and essentially have some wear and tear on your body. With a lower immune system your body is more susceptible to reacting to irritants or allergens.

Holistic Sound Healing can eliminate the stress in your life and can find the core root of where your stress is coming from. This could potentially be life saving. Stress causes a plethora of different diseases and conditions that harm your body. Your immune system is like a snowball effect, if something goes wrong chances are something else is going to go wrong. The stress in your life may be linked to subconscious thoughts that you are not aware of. Negative energy may be flowing through your life and it causes more negative experiences, which essentially lead to more stress.

In my personal experience with holistic sound healing I’ve noticed significant changes in the way my body reacts to stress. My chest used to break out in red splotches whenever I was stressed or nervous. This would cause me to be even more nervous because my body was reacting to something in a negative and scary way. Since Holistic sound healing my chest has stopped breaking out when I’m nervous or stressed. It still happens here and there, but it is not a daily occurrence like it used to be.

“I just wanted to let you know that I spent 2-3 hours on a couch full of cat hair and a cat on/near my lap with zero allergic reaction.  It was pretty unbelievable.  So it appears as if you’ve completely rid me of my cat allergy…” This is a testimonial from someone who has used Holistic Sound Healing. They were able to sit on a couch full of cats and not have an allergic reaction. It is incredible how emotions are linked to different aspects in our lives.

If you or someone you know is experiencing allergies or relies on constant medication to keep their allergies in control, check out Holistic Sound Healing. Clearing those negative emotions could have a positive impact on your overall health.