finding purpose

Finding Purpose

Having purpose creates a sense of alignment, inspiration, motivation and connection with the people around you. However, finding that purpose can feel like it’s your entire life’s sole mission. Purpose can be deeper than your vocation or how you’re perceived, and purpose can be expressed in different ways for different people. Some people believe that the work they do should directly relate to their purpose. Other people believe their purpose is to be the support their family and loved ones need. No matter your perception of purpose or your belief whether we all have a deep and meaningful sole life purpose, studies have shown that creating purpose in your life significantly improves it.


Purpose doesn’t have to be a huge goal like solving world hunger or exploring space. Purpose can be as simple as slowing down to enjoy every moment with the people around you, expressing gratitude for the small things in your life, or making someone feel good every single day. Purpose can also be learning who you are and helping others navigate their own internal journeys.


When we find gratitude and peace, it is easier to connect with our higher selves and really become aligned with the right people, places, knowledge and resources to keep us on the journey of becoming our purpose.


If you feel like you’re constantly in jobs, relationships, homes or situations that drain you, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and uninspired, it’s likely because you aren’t living your life in alignment. And it can be easy to question what that alignment looks like for you, but continuing to control the narrative won’t do you any good. You need to let go, do the things that you enjoy doing, feel gratitude for the things in your life, and find purpose in the small day to day experiences. These will give you clues and connect you to your higher purpose.


Finding your purpose isn’t an answer that comes to you overnight.


It’s the journey of living your true self every single day, and leading you to the life that makes you feel the most fulfilled.


We help people connect with their purpose by removing the stored emotions in their body through sound frequency. Releasing low vibrational emotions will bring you to a higher vibration, allowing you to connect with your intuition and your higher self, which ultimately brings you on the path to your purpose.