How Can this Energy Sound Frequency modality work for you?

This technique has been the key to our clients success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive.

Science says that everything is energy which is within itself vibration and frequency. We use a sound frequency that raises, for instance, the vibration of an issue. To put this in perspective we are like a computer, if we have too many programs running in the background the computer runs slower. The same thing happens with our mind. If we have too many negative thoughts we become overwhelmed which can lead to a number of health related issues, both physically and mentally. 

 How safe is it?

We use specific sound frequencies that resonate within the body to remove your negative thoughts  and  unwanted energy.  This process is done with non-force kinesiology, NOT drugs, which makes this completely harmless.

 How fast will I get results?

The time of a session can be anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes.  When we are finished we will test you again to see what issues have been removed and what is still present within you. Many people have instant results while others may take up to a day to realize the changes.

Can you guarantee results? 

From the feedback we receive from our clients, we can say that our results are in the upper range of the 90 percentile for success. The exceptions are when there are deep suppression, sadness, and extreme anxiousness are present. These  cases are multi-faceted and may take extra sessions according to the severity of the issues.

What is the cost of health and happiness?

 A clearing is the removal of an issue that is causing you stress or emotional distress. We go on vacations to get away from the tension in our everyday lives just to return to them. We pay a lot of money for a temporary fix. Prices are listed under the Book Now button

Why should I try sound session for myself?

An Energy Sound Session saves clients time and money. We remove the possible cause of an issue creating a positive outcome. We get excited about our clients immediately taking on the challenge of their old issue and finding them exhilarated by their ability to control the situation in a powerful manner.