Advantages of a targeted process

 Advantages of being treated with our targeted process of sound therapy

Advantage 1 – Results

With only 1-3 sessions of targeted sound therapy, the clients have experienced either a significant shift in their energy or total elimination of the issue at hand as well as many other issues they may have been experiencing. These included anxiety, stress, fear, loss, sadness, guilt, shame, worry, depressed, PTSD, anger, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies, and many other emotional challenges. We have found that emotions are the root cause of nearly every disharmony that our bodies experience. 

Advantage 2 – Time and Cost Savings

A session usually run 1.5 – 2 hours in length with the majority of the time being spent in a relaxed state, allowing the client to either sleep or close their eyes and totally relax while their body releases the trapped emotions. In the long run, this equates to between 1 – 6 hours of time invested to rid yourself of one problem you may be facing. Compare this to talk therapy that will normally start you with 10 visits and expand from there. If medicated that may last you a lifetime and eventually the side effects to one’s body take a toll, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Advantage 3 – Confidentiality and Privacy

You don’t need to share everything that took place leading up to your current situation. You may find it embarrassing or you may feel that it really isn’t relevant to share. A direction to go in to assist you with a situation that took place or that has been weighing heavy on you is helpful but not necessary. We respect your privacy and your need for confidentiality. There is NO medical records to be on file that could potentially affect you down the road.

Advantage 4 – Side Effects

Unlike the use of pharmaceuticals where a persons body can have adverse reactions to the chemicals they are exposing themselves to, there have been no reported negative side affects with the use of sound frequencies. While there have been countless positive affects that have occurred, we have not had any person report that they experienced negative results. This is one of the safest and most effective treatments on the market!

Advantage 5 – Cost Savings

Reduced spending and time to treat emotional problems. If you compare this to any type of therapy or pharmaceuticals that focus on emotional issues, take a look at the amount of time you will need to invest to possibly get results. We have treated individuals who were seeing therapist for years with little or no results. They were amazed with the results they received from just one session. Again, you may have a small co-pay for prescriptions but if you need them for an extended period of time or maybe for a lifetime, how much does that small co-pay add up to? ($10.00 per month X 30 years equals $3,600 not to mention the damage you will have done to your body)

Advantage 6 – Remote Sessions

You don’t need to show up in person to receive the benefits of these sessions. You can do this from the comfort of your home. Sit back in your recliner and relax.You can also allow us to work on your energy while you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!  This is a form of energy work and we are all made of energy. In fact, we are nothing but a bundle of energy vibrating at a specific number of hertz. With your permission we are able to connect with your energy and proceed.  We set up a day and time for the session have a brief discussion beforehand of what may be happening that you need assistance with and proceed.  Although this may seem unachievable to someone that has not yet experienced it, once you do it you will understand. We do remote sessions weekly with identical results as a person would receive if they receive were at our office. 

Advantage 7 – Length of Results

We have tracked hundreds of clients to see if the positive results they received were lasting. The results were astonishing as they have not reverted back to the issue they came in for.  

Advantage 8 – Minimal Training required to learn this process

We have developed a process that is very easy to learn, even if you have never done this type of work before. Our online training course or in person course will teach you exactly how to obtain the same results we experience. If you or someone you may know is looking for a career change, loves to assists others to achieve improved health and happiness or wants to add a life changing service to your existing business, set up a free discovery call. We promise you that the difference you will be making in other people’s lives will be one of the most profound positive changes you have ever done with your own life.