Anxious Issues

anxiety-1337383_640Science has finally discovered that stress is behind most health issues including being overweight. Removing the stress opens up the pathways to healing and slimming…

The Natural Health field has known this for years. In fact we know that stress is involved with all chronic disease, obesity, sadness, anxiousness, etc. We also deal in subtle energies whose existence is outside of the training of orthodox medicine. We know that toxins in the body block the ability of these subtle energies to operate normally causing disease over a period of years (It takes 5 to 30 years to develop a chronic disease). We also know that the food we eat lacks nutritional factors that help us remain healthy; that along with improper water intake, lack of exercise, allergy conditions, and poor lifestyle habits, this will cause imbalances in the body. The results are pain and suffering. Too often we choose pain and suffering over health because we need our comforts, whatever they are, because we are unable to face the fears that are behind them. God created us to be happy and healthy. If we are unhappy and unhealthy there is an unconscious belief causing it. Health issues have to be dealt with on all levels. A commitment must be made and the family and friends of the person must be supportive. If not, there is no chance of success, unless the person separates themselves so they can overcome their disease.

It is important here to understand that a person is unable to make correct choices as long as negative unconscious programs rule their behavior. At the same time, they are responsible for their actions. This is why they say life isn’t fair. You do have will power, however, will power usually only last from two to six weeks. We keep falling back into old behaviors when our will power runs out and harmful unconscious behaviors take control again. This is why it is important to start with stress removal. The more harmful unconscious behaviors removed, the better your chances to overcome disease.

Our Energy Sound Modality , we believe, is the most powerful method to rid you of negative unconscious behaviors because we toss aside the stories and events that are normally blamed for our problems and go right to the source. We use proprietary sound frequencies to normalize thought patterns and give us our power back. When we have real power, will power is unneeded.

When we are in chronic disease including obesity there is more than one issue involved. Having a Sound session gets to those unconscious patterns faster, safer, more effectively, and less invasive than other modalities. You will recognize the difference in your behavior and feelings from the first session. We will be your biggest supporter and give you the optimal ability to become the healthy, powerful person you choose to be.