Grief & Loss

old-age-1147283_640There is good grief and bad grief. One helps you move on, the other beats you down. If you know someone that is holding on to their grief because of death or because someone or something has been separated from them, you can be compassionate and help them get to a better place…

When someone or something in our life is taken away or has left us, it is only natural to grieve. Our lives will be different in ways we wish could stay the same. Sometimes we take on the blame and hold on to it. We find that there are many adjustments and new roles we must take on. Our loss is painful and yet in time it is also normal to move on. We can choose to remember them fondly and smile at all the good memories or we can hold on to our pain and be angry and disabled.

People will be compassionate with others because of their loss, but they will move on. If the griever wallows in their sorrow for an extended period of time, people will sever their relationship because they will no longer want to be pulled into their suffering.

This is the beauty of Holistic Sound Therapy. We deal with thoughts. We simply have the person think of their loss (tears could appear) and isolate the thought. Through our proprietary process we identify a sound frequency that returns that thought to balance. For most people this is all that is needed to return to normal.