people-1492052_640Are we happy? Have we decided what that means for each one of us? Anytime one of these issues come up, you can be sure you’re not being happy. The truth is that people use our issues to control us. What can you do about your upsets when you have no idea of why you react the way you do? The underlying causes of our issues come from unconscious belief and behaviors that came down through your DNA. We know that our physical features are passed down but we probably never thought about where the basis of our thinking came from. Once you do think about it (he acts just like grandpa Joe) you will realize that we received personality traits from our genetic pool as well. It also makes sense that if we were able to remove negative patterns our lives would be instantly better…

Our ancestors pass down all of the positive beliefs and behaviors as well. We have much more of the positive stuff and intelligence than the bad. Unfortunately the bad stuff rallies around our fight or flight center. When the fight or flight system kicks in it pushes out all innate and acquired knowledge as well as common sense. There is a reason that we are stuck in ruts that keep us from being the winners we actually are.

You will be amazed at the transformation that has taken place. Each negative belief removed no matter how small will have a huge, positive impact.

If you have read “The Secret”, you will find common threads of understanding. Our unconscious beliefs are what we attract to us. So if bad things are predominate, a negative unconscious belief is being sent out and negative problems are being returned tenfold. No wonder life is miserable and we suffer so much. With each released negative pattern our positive beliefs go out and are returned tenfold. This is something to get excited about. You can change your life and have the joy and abundance that is the true normal for each of us. Joy is a wonderful feeling.

In the past we would go through a life time and only remove a few of our “Karma issues” and pass what’s left down to our children and their children. By choosing to erase negative patterns we get to be happy and our children get to be happy. When you clear an issue with sound healing it is gone forever and you find you are above the effects of life’s happenings and the things people do. While the average person remains stuck in struggling and suffering you will be at peace and free to enjoy the good things that now naturally flow to you.

Getting past the stress, negative emotions, hurts and upsets is a real simple process. Invest in yourself if you want to overcome life’s obstacles.