resistance to change

Resistance to Change

Do you feel that tight feeling in your chest when someone brings up something you desperately want to change but you feel like you can’t?

“When are you going to get that new job?”
“My personal trainer is great, they can help you lose weight too.”
“Did you start paying off that loan yet?”

These are just a few examples of common changes people want to make in their life, but hold so much resistance around. Difficult situations in our lives are a window into what our souls need to learn in this lifetime. That is true with repeated patterns, and emotions.

Whatever excites you is an indicator of what you’re here to accomplish or experience. So your aspirations and dreams are completely valid. They are a roadmap to what will give you fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Take a moment to think of the hardest thing for you to do and how much you resist it. What do you do to procrastinate or resist that change? What beliefs do you have surrounding that goal you want to achieve or that change you want to make? What self concepts do you have? Do you feel too old or too young? Too poor or too dumb? These are all clues into why you are resisting this change.

That resistance is tied to stored emotions in your body. That could be fear, denial, unworthiness, grief, anger, unhappiness, the list goes on. Our job is to release the emotion tied to the resistance, or the belief that you can’t do it. Once we remove that emotion from your body, you will start to notice less resistance when you think about your goal or the change you want to make.

It may not happen overnight, but you will eventually take small steps towards that goal because you are no longer storing that resistance in your body. Your subconscious will start to find ways for you to achieve that change.

Unworthiness leads to procrastination. When you procrastinate it is because you don’t feel confident or capable of actually completing the task at hand. Even if you’ve done it a hundred times, it can feel overwhelming because you have a sense of unworthiness stored in your body. We can take care of the stored emotion through energy sound frequency therapy, but try out these steps to help you build your self worth and prevent procrastination.

  1. Affirm “I am worthy and capable” when you find yourself procrastinating
  2. Journal about why you’re struggling to complete the task
  3. Walk through the steps in your head or make a to do list so you can easily reference it
  4. Be willing to release the need for resistance
  5. Take a minute to meditate and clear your mind