How to listen to your soul

How to Listen to Your Soul

Do you feel lost when it comes to love, life, relationships, your career, passions, family or decisions? We see so many people who are trying to improve these facets of their lives and heal their relationships and themselves.

Sometimes we get lost, and that’s okay. There’s usually lessons that we need to learn along the way. Before you judge yourself or try to find ways to improve, take a moment to reflect on your current journey and express gratitude for all the people you met and all of the experiences you had, regardless if they were positive or negative. These situations will bring you more peace in the future.

If you’re feeling lost, chances are you may be out of touch with your soul, or your higher self. When we go through life we are faced with societal pressures, relationships, influences, constant stimulation and systems that don’t always work for everyone. It can leave us feeling like we’re living someone else’s life, and not the one that truly aligns with our highest self. We get so used to drowning out our intuition or our soul’s desires, we forget how to reconnect with ourselves.

There is a simple exercise that you can do frequently to get in touch with your soul and align you with your purpose. Go in a quiet room and sit down. Take a few deep breaths, and allow your mind to relax. Don’t force yourself to think about anything or not think about anything, just simply be. Next, direct your energy to your heart. Ask yourself what you truly want. Don’t force an answer to come to fruition, just sit there, directing your energy to your heart center. The answer will come to you eventually. It usually comes when you’re not thinking of it. Sometimes people won’t even realize that a certain thought is what your soul is trying to communicate with you. Just be aware and open to any messages that may come through.

Once you’re done, journal everything that comes up. Journal the thoughts, the fears, the doubts, the logistics, judgements, write everything down. Getting it on paper will release it from your mind so you don’t hold onto those beliefs so tightly. These are also good indicators of what emotions you potentially have stored in your body.

Identifying these beliefs or emotions can be liberating. You can then work on why you have those beliefs and start working towards a more fulfilling life.

We can help you take care of these limiting thoughts and beliefs by releasing the emotions stored in your body so you no longer vibrate on the same frequency as them. We’re here to support and help you rediscover yourself. By releasing these emotions, you are allowing yourself to exist on the frequency that you were meant to. Your relationships will grow, your purpose will evolve and you’ll find the peace you’ve been seeking. Reach out to Bonnie or Steve to schedule a session or answer any of your questions: (920) 680-3479