I saw Bonnie and was immediately impressed with her warm, welcoming personality and her  professionalism.  She was attentive to my needs and answered any questions I had.  I was amazed at the correlation of pain in my body to feelings or energy that surround me.  She was able to clear me of pain by clearing up my energy.  I’m not sure I understand completely how it worked, but it definitely worked!  I love the idea that I am able to boost my own energy daily as well as go back to have Bonnie boost my energy for me.  I have had great results as far as emotional healing and saw immediate health benefit.  I will definitely be returning and had 5 people in mind as I walked out the door that I thought “I have to talk to them, they will love this and benefit even more than me!” 
Mary Macco

If you’re looking for a place that is completely natural for treating your mental health, look no further. The work is amazing and truly healing. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Bonnie a couple times now during a time when my job was extremely stressful and starting to affect my relationships including my husband. Sound energy isn’t easily understood but it is THE BEST treatment for negative emotions that you may not even know you are holding in. Bonnie and Steve are passionate and authentic people that are way ahead of their time. This is going to be most demanding treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, anger, etc. I HIGHLY recommend Rediscover Yourself to anyone wanting to feel in control of their mental and emotional health again. – Erika Folker

Bonnie and Steve are warm and welcoming people, who in a quiet and peaceful  environment provide an experience that always leaves me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and focused. Rediscover Yourself has quickly become a key piece of my self care routine. – Brian Wackwitz

This is truly a revolutionary service. In a rapidly moving and evolving world, sometimes you just get overloaded. This couple can help with that and so much more, try it once and you won’t regret it; this could be the difference between people being stuck in life or being able to remove barriers to allow them to improve their life. Truly sensational people who dedicate their lives to help anyone they can, the world needs more people like them…truly incredible! – Cody Leisgang

 I’ll just start out by saying Bonnie is extremely nice and down to earth! Her business is calming and cozy. She helped me during a therapy session with my anxiety. I left feelings renewed. Thank you Bonnie! – Jennifer Van De Hei
Working with Bonnie and Steve Vincent at Rediscover Yourself has been a life changing experience for me. They first introduced me to Energy Sound Healing a few years ago. After my very first sound healing session I felt calmer, clearer and more focused.
I am very grateful for their compassion and expertise and the excellent work that they are doing to get rid of negative emotions that are affecting so many of us.
I strongly suggest that you Experience it for yourself! – Omeela Naidoo
The sound therapy that Bonnie and Steve do works so well at clearing negative emotions. Their work is a blessing.
– Diane Tranberg

Rediscover Yourself is a natural way to help clear your mind and honestly change your frequency. I have been here multiple times and each time I’ve walked in feeling anxious or burdened and have left with a feeling of calmness. Another time I was having chest pain but didn’t mention it. The practitioner at Rediscover Yourself read my energy and placed the sound directly on my chest..over the area I was feeling the pain. It’s been gone ever since. So whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or just need to reset your mind, you couldn’t find a better place for a natural way to transform your life. Highly recommend you try it out. You won’t regret it. – Trevor Folker

I have felt better in the last two days (since my appointment) than I have in a long time! Highly recommend to everyone 💕—Amber Jelinsky

Wonderful experience, very caring and willing to spend extra time with you.—debra schwarz

They both have a heart of gold and are driven to help people. They have a great understanding of emotions and how they affect us emotionally, mentally and physically—Sharon Verheyden Shimanek

I was a little skeptical at first. what actually the issues we discussed prior are no more issues in my life thank you very much—Mario Pace

I already have less anxiety. I will be coming back for sure.—Carleen Marie

Our family has worked with Bonnie and Steve. We have seen them for grief but also the many other emotions that come from trauma. Sound energy has been a huge part of our healing and we are so grateful for being introduced to this way of healing. I highly recommend it!! Go in with an open mind and ready to heal and you will get relief!—Renee Natzke

I have been here a few different times. All the practitioners are incredible people! I would highly recommend to anyone who has something they feel is causing them to be a little bit “off”. Rediscover will get you back on track! It’s completely non invasive, they never asked me anything personal about what it was that was causing me to reach out. Every practitioner is truly there to help you “rediscover” yourself and give you the opportunity to be a better person when you leave. I would encourage you to use this resource in our community!!—Travis Price

I’ve been to Rediscover Yourself several times now, as has my son. We were absolutely amazed at how we felt after our sessions. With the stress, anxiety, and many other issues created over the last year, we were able to improve both our mental and physical health by seeing Bonnie and Steve. I highly recommend coming in for a visit and seeing what they can do for you, it truly is well worth the time! – Pete Monfre