Anxiety / Fear of Heights

Tanya has changed my life!  I have been dealing with a fear of heights  And a few other anxieties for a while now, it was preventing me from doing things I enjoy like hiking, travel, and going on adventures with my family. After one session with Tanya, I am so happy to say my fear of heights is gone!   I still have a few other anxiety issues that linger, but I am looking forward to my next session to knock those out as well. Tanya is talented, kind, caring, And is amazing at what she does!  I strongly recommend her service to anyone who asked, and those who didn’t!  I tell all my family and friends to see her, and a lot of them have! Sandy

I was skeptical but was so hoping it would work And it did! I walked in with pain that I’ve had 2 or more years and out pain free. Great people….caring,compassionate and funny! Thank you for what you do 😊❤️—Candy Hein

I have felt better in the last two days (since my appointment) than I have in a long time! Highly recommend to everyone 💕—Amber Jelinsky

Bonnie and Steve are so personal and caring. They spend time talking with you to see how best they can help you.—Joyce Gibson

Wonderful experience, very caring and willing to spend extra time with you.—debra schwarz

They both have a heart of gold and are driven to help people. They have a great understanding of emotions and how they affect us emotionally, mentally and physically—Sharon Verheyden Shimanek

I was a little skeptical at first. what actually the issues we discussed prior are no more issues in my life thank you very much—Mario Pace

I already have less anxiety. I will be coming back for sure.—Carleen Marie

Our family has worked with Bonnie and Steve. We have seen them for grief but also the many other emotions that come from trauma. Sound energy has been a huge part of our healing and we are so grateful for being introduced to this way of healing. I highly recommend it!! Go in with an open mind and ready to heal and you will get relief!—Renee Natzke

I walked in the door wanting to kill my ex. Ok not for real kill him but I had so much anger built up over the years that it was litterly hard to function in my everyday life. After my first session with Shawn I walked out of there with the biggest smile on my face and so much less anger. It was absolutely amazing. I never thought anything the world could get rid of that much anger and that fast. I am still smiling today. thank you so much Shawn !!—Brittany Guilette Derenne

I have been here a few different times. All the practitioners are incredible people! I would highly recommend to anyone who has something they feel is causing them to be a little bit “off”. Rediscover will get you back on track! It’s completely non invasive, they never asked me anything personal about what it was that was causing me to reach out. Every practitioner is truly there to help you “rediscover” yourself and give you the opportunity to be a better person when you leave. I would encourage you to use this resource in our community!!—Travis Price

I was extremely skeptical about trying sound therapy, to the point where I kept putting it off. I now regret not going sooner. It’s extremely relaxing. I fall asleep immediately which is unusual for me, when they put the sound on you. I’ve gone 2 times and I have seen results from the get go. You discuss what you’d like to work on, and then they do a muscle test to see where your issues really are. After that they put a speaker on whichever part of your body seems to store these negative things you have. The 1st time I could feel the vibrations all the way from my stomach to my back. Not everyone feels something, but I did. Afterwards I felt like I was floating on a cloud. My next session I didn’t feel the pulsations but family and friends noticed how much more energy I have. What convinced me to go was the fact that certain sound frequencies have been shown to heal physical maladies, so why can’t they reenergize your spirit? It seems to be working great so far! I highly recommend trying this for any issues you might have.—Alicia S.

My month of June 2019 was very emotional. My father, uncle, & 20 yr family friend passed away. My partner had by-pass surgery & I had knee surgery. A month later, I went on a ghost tour at Heritage Hill in Green Bay, WI. Without my knowledge, apparently I allowed a entity to enter my body. When departing a location I typically say a closing prayer, tell all entities they need to stay, but this time, it was late & I wanted to get home. 2 weeks later, my partner of 4 yrs ended our relationship. Another month goes by and I get word my cousin-in-law and cousin pass away. My life felt normal as can be with all that has happened. Of course I’m saddened. Who wouldn’t be by all this grief. I moved in with my mother many months back to help with my father. So I have a storage unit. One day I was headed to my unit, I got 1 turn away, from the unit and I pictured (in my mind) my mother sobbing over my self inflicted gunshot wound to the head at my storage unit. A HORRIFIC scene in my mind. I immediately started sobbing. Headed to the crisis center. Got there & couldn’t go in. Too many people going in & out the door. I left & went to my ex-girlfriends house. Stayed with her for 2-ish hrs until she calmed me down. She asked me to go back to the Crisis center, which I did. Thankful they didn’t put me on a 3 day hold. But, I went back to my gf because they put me on a protective action plan. (They call every 3 hrs with a safety person in my presence) Long story shortened, I went to Steve at Rediscover Yourself the very next day. He didn’t hesitate to get me in IMMEDIATELY. No questions asked. I told Steve what happened the prior day. (This man is SO compassionate, it’s unbelievable!!!!) I hopped up on the table. He told me it would be about 90 minutes. He’d come back in 30-ish min. He did. I used the restroom, laced back into position. Before Steve left the room, he said to me, ‘I know you probably won’t, but please try to fall to sleep. It relaxes you the most and will be most effective’. He left, I relaxed & closed my eyes. You know how you can tell when something crosses a light when your eyes are closed? Well, that happened to me. I opened my eyes, I knew no one was there. Closed my eyes again & kept saying & hearing in Steve’s voice, just try going to sleep & relax. I must have. Next thing I know, something crashes on the floor! I quickly reach down & grab what I can. 2 little viles with powder in them and a card that read ‘oppressive anger’. I holler for Steve. He comes in & says, ‘what the heck happened here’? I told him. He smiled & said, ‘that’s the entity leaving your body’. As soon as those words left his lips, I started shaking uncontrollably from head to foot. I said, ‘Steve! What the heck is happening to me’? He said, ‘your body is adjusting to the entity being gone. Hang on to this.’ He handed me a huge crystal. ‘It’ll take a few minutes, just hang in there. I’m not going anywhere.’ Since this day, I’ve never felt better. I can’t Thank Rediscover Yourself and Steve and Bonnie enough. You two quite literally saved my life!!! Love you both to pieces!!!—corky fernando

(Picture this being spoken as a Mickey Spillane novel) It was Friday the 13th. I’d been having migraines all week and had my fill of them. The auras would start and I knew that in about 20 minutes I would have a headache. Dull, throbbing across the top of my head and nothing I tried all throughout the week stopped it. I used essential oils which in the past worked well to stop it. The intensity of the headache was lightened. It didn’t go away, though. A hot shower, with the water cascading down upon my scalp and shoulders, provided some relief….until I got in bed. Usually sleep, if I can just get deeply asleep, the headache will go away. The next day, it’s back. One thing I hadn’t tried was energy work. See, it has been a good 15 years since I last had a migraine. In the meantime, I’ve learn and grown so much and am doing things a bit differently. I understand about frequency, vibration, energy work and to me, the migraine has got to vibrate at a low frequency. So I reached out to Steve and asked if he had time and on Friday the 13th, he sure did! My lucky day! In the process of checking out what sound vibration would work best for me, he uncovered emotions that I wasn’t paying attention to. With the speakers on, and me out for the count, the sound vibration worked on those ignored emotions. In a cool, calming music, darkened room I drifted to sleep. When I woke up, Steve was there to check out the progress. A little tightness in the shoulders was handled right quickly with a handy little tool. I left there dancing on air! I’m a counselor. Talk therapy is good and I have done my share of it. I have found that there is deep down stuff that needs to get released, things we forgot as kids, as babies, things that we have stored away and forgot. Sound therapy does release those emotions that are stuck and forgotten. I definitely recommend doing this on a regular basis, which, by the way…..I’m due for an appointment!!!! Hey Steve!, Michelle!!!—Carol B Bauman

Energy sound healing gave me my life back. It didn’t change the circumstances or trauma in our lives, but it helped heal the emotional wounds from the past and enabled me to live in the moment again without the negative energy from past events controlling me. I loved the fact that I didn’t need to share any details in order for the healing to happen. According to my daughter this was the only thing that made a difference in her ability to cope while living with a chronic disease. I was extremely skeptical at first, but the results have been amazing and life changing for our family.—Karla Culbertson