family dynamics and the holidays

Family Dynamics and the Holidays

Family dynamics can be complicated, confusing, and sometimes traumatic. Whether you have a good relationship with everyone in your family or you don’t, odds are you don’t get along with everyone all the time. And with the added stress of the holidays and being forced to spend extra time with members who may bother you, it might become overwhelming, draining and negative.


But did you know that you can change the dynamics in your family just by changing your frequency?


For example, you and your father don’t get along. You find it difficult to be in the same room as him, or maybe you both disagree on everything. It feels like a constant battle between the two of you. Before you even enter the same room as him, you’re dreading seeing him and having to expend your energy in a negative way, or hold back your tongue and feel frustrated and angry by the time you leave. These experiences create resentment and cause you irritability even just thinking about him.


This anger you feel towards your father becomes stored in your body, leaving a subconscious trail of thoughts whenever you think about him. This energy gets transferred to him, which will create an even bigger discourse, causing even more problems. By eliminating the emotion of anger from your body, specifically in relation to your family dynamic, you will release this traumatic bond between the two of you. The next time you see him, it might feel confusing for him because he isn’t sure how to act around you because there is no longer the energy of anger in the room. You will also no longer be triggered by his actions or words, allowing you to feel peace before, during and after the interaction.


When you prioritize your energy and your energetic boundaries, it influences the energy in the room. You don’t have to be a victim of the energy around you. By releasing the stored emotion in your body, you are on the fast track to a higher frequency. We attract things that are on the same frequency as us, so at family functions we will only attract the emotions that are an energetic match.


If you are nervous for the holidays and all the emotional triggers that may come with it for you, stop in for a session. We are happy to remove any stored emotions in person or remotely. Text or call Bonnie or Steve: (920) 680-3479 or book online!