living with grief during the holidays

Living With Grief During The Holidays

The empty chair, one less stocking hanging on the fireplace, old holiday photos. There are more reminders than ever of those we have lost during the holidays.


Many people living with grief dread the holidays because it’s a stark reminder that those they love won’t be making new memories with them. It can feel difficult to feel gratitude and thanks during the season of joy and giving. In addition to the added stress that comes with the holidays, it can almost feel unbearable for some people.


Energy Sound Frequency Therapy sessions can lift the heaviness of grief. While we understand that grief will never go away, and in some ways it’s a beautiful reminder of the souls who have passed and are looking over us, we can assist you to feel more at peace and remove the sharp emotions that we physically feel when we experience loss.


So many emotions make up grief. Anger, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, fear. The list goes on. Death is traumatic in many ways, and when our bodies feel trauma, we tend to store that emotion as a way to protect ourselves. This can show up through different triggers and through different emotions.


Once we remove those stored emotions, your body and mind will start to feel lighter. It might not happen overnight. Some people feel relief instantly, others notice it over a gradual period of time. With grief these heavy emotions can cause health issues, and it will sit in the lungs and at times makes you feel like you can’t breathe. When we hold onto the memory of how something feels we need to release the trauma so our body can heal and now recall only the good times. Once our bodies release the emotion, there might be some time between the signals of our new frequency and our memories. That is okay, don’t focus on it too much, just allow yourself to release the thoughts that no longer feel good to you.


By changing your frequency, you are changing your life. The heaviness of grief doesn’t have to stop you from living your life or enjoying the things and people around you. Grief doesn’t also have to leave you living in fear of another tragedy. Energy Sound Frequency Therapy can help you live your life again, feeling joyful and peaceful.


Whether you have recently lost someone, or you’ve been living with grief for years, stop in for a session this holiday season. We would love to assist you to feel lighter and more at peace during this time. We provide in person and remote sessions to accommodate you. Reach out or book a session online. We can’t wait to see you!