Our Story

Steve & Bonnie Vincent

Rediscover Yourself, LLC, was created in 2013. The goal is to assist you to restore yourself from within. The process involves using a targeted procedure to create balance, harmony, and improving your overall state of being. 

Steve and Bonnie have studied and understand the principles behind sound frequency. They recognize the importance of using sound frequencies to eliminate the source of what is trapped inside you. The outcome is one of releasing the negativity that is creating issues within or holding you back emotionally, mentally or on a physical level.

As you release the negative feelings trapped inside, a calmness and clarity emerge. With your new-found state of being you will find yourself better able to meet the daily pressures. This allows your body to heal and do so with peace of mind. 

The best example we can show you how this works is with our own actual experience. In May 2021, Steve was diagnosed with cancer. Because of their training and knowledge in what they know, Steve and Bonnie planned and took action that needed to be done to heal his body. To do this they addressed the physical, mental, spiritual and etherical aspects of this disease.

Today Steve is Cancer free! However, this experience has left both Steve and Bonnie with a greater appreciation of others suffering with physical aliments. This has further motivated them to help all people by sharing their newfound understanding and knowledge.

Along with their work, you will find Steve and Bonnie have resumed the activities they love and appreciate. This includes spending time with family, grandchildren, and friends. It also involves being out in nature throughout the year.