paragliding-1245837_640Fears can come in many different forms however they all hold us back. They limit us from having the life we want. For instance; fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of a person place or thing and fearing the future.

Life experiences can take place to create these fears, here are a couple  testimonials

“When I was young, my siblings being playful, thought it was fun to scare me. The result was I became fearful of being home alone, scared of the dark, thinking someone was hiding in my home or under my bed. When I removed the emotion that was attached to those thoughts I began to live a life no longer controlled by fear.”  B.W.

Before the trip, and after my visit to your office, I tested myself by visualizing entering and exiting the plane, with body to body people trying to get on or off. Normally this visualization gave me a sick feeling in my stomach; but, this time it did not.

When I got to the airport I took one Xanax as a security blanket because I didn’t want to take a chance on having a panic attack once the plane door closed. We were on a small United Express from Green Bay to Chicago, which normally triggers a panic attack, and I didn’t want to take that chance. The good news is that is the only Xanax I took for the trip! Two weeks prior it took three Xanax to get me to Florida! I did the same thing for the trip home and all was well. Every Monday I meet six friends for either lunch or dinner and this past Monday the biggest topic of discussion was Holistic Sound Healing. They all know how bad my claustrophobia is and they were very anxious to hear how I survived the plane ride. Thank you Steve!