How to heal trust with yourself

How to Heal Trust With Yourself

Oftentimes we deny our intuition or our gut feelings because it doesn’t align with what society, friends or family are telling us. For example, you don’t feel called to go to college, but you feel like you need to because your family set that expectation, or all of your classmates are going and it seems like it’s the right thing to do. Instead of listening to yourself, you attend school and find that you are struggling to find passion or interests, or you aren’t performing the way you had hoped. This can cause issues with your mood, your motivation, or even problems figuring out what you really want to do.

We are constantly making decisions every day, and a lot of the time those decisions aren’t aligning with our intuition or our higher selves. When we constantly choose against ourselves, we start to no longer trust ourselves. When we don’t trust ourselves, we become depressed, unmotivated, out of alignment, and feel ungrounded. This can lead to procrastination, lack of enjoyment, unfulfilling careers, and other negative feelings.

Another simple example would be eating habits. Your body may crave healthy fruits and vegetables, but instead you go out to eat and consume fried foods with friends even though that’s not what your intuition called for you to do and you promised yourself you would stop making those choices.

When we break promises with ourselves, it becomes harder to trust ourselves.

So how do we listen to our intuition and regain trust with ourselves?

One of the hardest things is learning to listen to your intuition in the first place. We can drown out that inner voice with the hustle of day to day tasks, and the constant technology and stimulation to the outside world. The first step to listening to your intuition is silencing your mind and sitting with yourself. Notice the different feelings that arise when you look inwards. What is your body craving at that moment? What are you feeling? What messages are you receiving? Train your brain to listen to yourself.

Once you get clear on what it is you want, or how you’re feeling, make the choices that support your intuition and follow through with them. A great exercise to regain trust with yourself is creating a small to-do list and completing every task on that list. It can be as simple as making your bed, brushing your teeth, and completing a five minute meditation. Once you form the habit of completing tasks, your brain will wire itself to always complete things. This will help you trust that you can accomplish the things you want to do. Always start small and work your way up to bigger goals.

Another way to regain trust with yourself is by setting strict boundaries. Become clear on what areas of your life you want to improve or change, then figure out what needs to be done to achieve that. Does that mean drinking less? Limiting yourself to negative environments? Surrounding yourself with like minded people? Create boundaries that support your goals.

The last thing to focus on in order to heal trust with yourself is by removing stored emotions that support that lack of trust within your body through energy sound frequency therapy. Maybe you have insecurities or fear stored in your body that is hindering you from fully trusting yourself or others. By removing these emotions we can get to the root cause of why you don’t trust yourself in the first place.

In conclusion, here are the steps you can take to heal your inner trust:
Listen to your intuition
Create small goals and complete them
Create boundaries
Release stored emotions

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