How Chronic Pain is Linked to Your Emotions

We all know somebody who is dealing with some sort of chronic pain. Those are the people who have to get up during the meeting because they can’t handle their back pain any longer. Or they’re the people who have been on pain relieving medication for years and complain how it never works. It’s the people who avoid going out in public because of their intense headaches. There are so many different ways to experience pain.

Is the pain real or is it all in your head? It is possible that the physical pain could actually be gone, but the neurotransmitter receptors in your brain have not shut off. They still think your body is in pain and signals to your body that it is in danger. Think of it as a bad breakup. You may have trust issues and not be capable of feeling for someone else for a while. Your brain learned this behavior and it is its way of protecting you. This is the same for pain. Unfortunately, something in your brain didn’t shut off and it still thinks you are in pain. “As pain becomes chronic, the sensory components become less important and the emotional and behavioral components tend to take on more importance,” says Jodie Ann Trafton, director of the Veterans Administration Palo Alt Health Care Systems Program Evaluation and Resource center in California. “This is because of learning. Having pain is a strong emotional experience. It will reshape your behavior. It will reshape how you interact with the world. And that in itself means your brain is going to respond differently over time.” (

“Emotions, just like pain, are creations of the physical brain, specifically the midbrain. Emotions emerge from a complex interaction of electrical and chemical impulses in the brain, resulting in a cascade of nerves firing and chemicals being secreted. Neurotransmitters are involved with the experience of pain as well as with emotions. They are responsible for sending information between nerves about the pain and/or emotions being sensed… “ Mel Pohl M.D., FASAM states on
So now you have this lingering chronic pain that isn’t actual physical pain but you still can’t do anything about it. That is false. At Rediscover Yourself Holistic Sound Healing we are able to clear some of these negative emotions that are linked to your chronic pain. We store our emotions in different parts of our bodies and by clearing these emotions we may be able to feel relief in these areas. By releasing these emotions we are allowing our neurotransmitters to calm down and heal again. Your whole body will start to feel a sense of calm. Your brain will no longer tell your body that you are in danger and that the pain can stop. So don’t worry if it’s all in your head! You are still feeling legitimate pain that your body cannot end just because you know about it. Your receptors need time to heal and it is your job to assist them with that! Let holistic sound therapy help with your chronic pain.