How to Prosper in your Wealth

We’ve all had moments in our lives where as soon as we get our hands on a little extra cash, something happens where we need to spend it on something we don’t want to. We kick and we scratch at the idea and curse that we are unlucky. We believe that we genuinely cannot get ahead because something will always happen once we do.


The universe has a funny way of reciprocating what you give to it. If you are giving the universe these negative thoughts, the universe will only return the favor. If we change our thoughts we might actually start to see a change in the way we receive.


Fear is a big factor in a lot of negative situations. We fear that we cannot move forward with positive thoughts because it seems too good to be true. We constantly fear that we will never have enough money. We fear that we will never find love or happiness. Instead of putting our energy into manifesting these actual desires that we fear, we put our energy into manifesting the fear that we have that comes along with those desires.


When trying to manifest prosperity, it is important to remember that the universe supplies us with an abundance of goods. It will always give us what we need when we need it. By trusting this process, you will start to ease some of that fear. It is good to practice this abundance theory. You can do this by counting the stars, or admiring all the grains of sand on the beach or feeling the grass beneath your feet and hands.


Another great technique to practice is noticing all the abundances that you have already received. Allow yourself to be thankful for every little thing in your life. Be thankful for your house, your electricity, your heat, your clothing, your plumbing, etc. And even though those things cost money, the universe has given you an abundance of wealth and has given you the ability to be responsible for those things. Thank the universe for allowing those things to encounter into your life and for the opportunities you were given to accept those things. Do not fear your bills, but rather appreciate them because they are a statement of all the things that you have earned through your hard work and trust.


It is also important that we keep an open mind. When our mind is open, more opportunities are drawn to us. It is best to not judge other people and how they spend their money either. By comparing how much wealth you have to another person only increases the gap of “failure.” Even though you have less money than that person does not mean you have failed; however, you are misplacing your energy onto how much you should have instead of how much you will receive. If you do compare money, always keep an open mind and appreciate their hard work and acknowledge their accomplishments. Giving support will only increase the support you receive.


By visualizing prosperity, wealth and abundance, you are sending out to the universe what you could have. Everyday you should tell yourself positive affirmations.


“I am open to all the universe has to offer.”

“I am open to the abundance the universe can give me.”

“Wealth is attracted to me everyday.”

“I bask in wealth and prosperity and I enjoy and receive it whole-heartedly.”


Everyday has the possibility of new beginnings. Rejoice in all of the possibilities and opportunities that are given to you. Recognize each moment as an opportunity to be receptive to wealth and new beginnings. Be open minded and supportive of others and their wealth. Be open minded about your own wealth. Release your fear and instead manifest your energy into the actual process instead of the fear of the process. Be thankful of all the abundances that you already have and thankful for the ones that you are about to receive. Be mindful of how you think about money and wealth. Trust that the universe will give you what you need when you need it. Do not worry about not having enough because your energy is then focused on the ‘not enough’ part instead of the ‘abundance of money’ part. Recognize each day and moment as your next opportunity to accept wealth.