what to expect at an energy sound frequency therapy appointment

What to expect at an energy sound frequency therapy appointment

So you’ve just booked your first energy sound frequency therapy appointment and you’re curious what to expect. Whether this is your first experience with energy healing or you’ve had various energy practices done before, every session can bring a new experience.

How to prepare

Before your session, make sure you’re properly hydrated! Like water, energy flows through our body and flows a lot easier when we are hydrated. This will allow us to get a proper read on your body. And it’s good for you!

Wear comfortable clothes, you will be laying on a massage table while the session is in progress.

During the session

To begin the session, we will ask you some simple questions about what you want to work on. You don’t need to share details about your life or situation, the muscle testing we do provides us the answers of what we need to work on in your body. The initial conversation is just to get an idea or direction of what different emotions to test.

We will have you remove any electronics from yourself including smart watches and cell phones. You will then lay on the massage table. We will be doing muscle testing on one of your arms. It’s a simple way of using kinesiology to read the body. From there we will use emotion cards and vials to figure out which emotions are stored in your body and then determine the different frequencies we need to use during the session.

Once the frequencies to use are determined, we will place speakers on the area of your body that is storing the emotion. Depending on the amount of frequency needed, your session could last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. During this time, feel free to take a nap and relax. We will check on you to see if you need anything.

After the session

Once the session is over, you may feel lighter, and happier. You could also feel a little tired, that is okay. Try to take it easy over the next day and stay hydrated. You might notice a gradual difference in your emotions, mood and behavior over the next few days and weeks. You might also notice people act differently around you. In a good way. This reflects the vibrational change you went through. Some people will be kinder and more open to you, others may no longer be a vibrational match. All is okay, it’s part of your higher purpose and your healing journey. Accept whatever comes your way with ease and loving kindness.

Emotions come and they go, and sometimes they stick around with us longer and are stored in our bodies. Energy Sound Frequency Therapy is the perfect opportunity to clear those stored emotions so you can vibrate at your highest frequency and remain healthy and happy.

If you’re interested in a session, reach out or book online!

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