Listening to your body

Listening To Your Body

Our bodies know something is wrong before we typically do. This is what we call symptoms. Whether it’s fatigue, skin concerns, respiratory issues, or even mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. All of these can be indicators that something is going on deeper in the body.


While it’s easy to treat the symptoms with medication, supplements, diet and exercise, we may not be getting to the root cause which may be stored emotions. Every emotion holds a frequency. When you experience an emotion like anger, guilt, fear, or jealousy, you are experiencing a lower frequency. These emotions are normal and you should allow yourself to feel them when they arise. If you avoid feeling these emotions they may become trapped in your body. This lower frequency is now trapped in your body, manifesting in different ways and into different “symptoms.”


The way we speak to ourselves and our thought patterns largely influence our beliefs and how we react to life events. How we react to events is based on our beliefs and the emotions attached to those beliefs which are stored in our body memory.


If you believe bad things always happen to you, it may stem from a lack of self love or self confidence. This can lead to disempowering thoughts. And when something negative happens to you, you reinforce those thoughts in your brain like a reward system. You just proved to yourself that you were right, negative things do happen to you.


Our brains are wired for survival. We want to be right and prove our belief system to be true.


That is why it is difficult to reprogram our belief system by ourselves. It takes time and patience. By allowing ourselves to truly feel the emotion and release it, we can stop storing the lower frequency emotions in our body. Past traumas and stored emotions that are also amplified by our belief symptoms make us react the way we do. If we can release these traumas and stored emotions from the body and override the beliefs, then we can react differently, choose different thoughts, and release emotions with more ease.


So how can we release traumas and emotions from our body’s memory?


There are many different techniques you can do like therapy, journaling, reiki, meditation, etc. But the quickest and most efficient way we found is through Energy Sound Frequency Therapy. We can pinpoint exactly which emotion is stored in your body and where it is stored. We use our specific formulated frequencies to target that stored emotion so your body can release it. This is a non-invasive process that does not require you to share your traumas or emotions. The process knows which emotions to target. People typically see results instantly, other deep seated emotions may take a few days or longer for the body to fully process and release.


Sometimes we have stored emotions or memories that we aren’t aware of. It can take years to uncover those beliefs or feelings. With Energy Sound Frequency Therapy, we can work with your body’s energy to release what is no longer serving you in a way that doesn’t make you relive past trauma and emotions.


If you’re living with grief, guilt, trauma, stress, anger, anxiety or depression, book a session with us to help release some of those stored emotions. We are available virtually for anyone in the world, or we take in-person appointments.


In the meantime, use these affirmations to help connect you to your body:


“I listen with love to my body’s messages.”
“I love and approve of myself.”
“I believe in my ability to heal.”