Addictions can plague many people’s lives and have detrimental effects on their health and well-being. Their families suffer, their careers suffer and their mind suffers. Addictions can be caused from a variety of reasons. From getting into the wrong crowd at a young age to coping with depression or other mental illnesses. It’s important to figure out the root cause of this addiction so that person can stop relying on things to fill the void in their life.

Whether the addiction is heroin or alcohol, to cigarettes or diet coke. It’s easy to form that pattern and create a bigger problem than the one at hand. By allowing that addiction to come into your life you are escaping from the internal problem and making it an external one. Once the addiction is in place, you may have no control over your thoughts or feelings and your body forms a dependency.

Most people with addictions don’t even realize they have this addiction and believe it is just a habit that they can stop at any time. They may come to the realization that if they do try to stop it is nearly impossible due to the different chemicals that have effected their brain functioning. This can lead to a spiraling effect where they have no control on whether they can stop it or not. However, some people may not want to stop their addiction at all and have realizations they need to when it may become too late.

Luckily for people with addictions, Holistic Sound Healing exists. By digging into your subconscious and pulling out what is truly bothering you, we are able to extract that void and that addiction.

“After 32 years of this nasty habit, I was ready for another attempt to quit smoking. I was going to try Chantix because I had some results the last time I had done it 4 years prior. (I quit for almost 3 weeks) The dreams I would have when I started taking the product were insanely crazy. I had a list of reasons on why I needed to quit. A friend told me about sound therapy and that it would be the absolute best way to do it without any side effects. The cost of this treatment would add up to the cost of the doctor’s visit alone so I tried this treatment. It was totally painless and very relaxing.  I kicked the habit! I’ve been smoke free for 2 ½ years now without any side effects or irritability issues at all. You will be amazed by the results!”


This is just one testimonial out of many people we have treated for addictions. It is possible to see results using Sound Healing. It is cost effective, efficient and works immediately. By replacing your body with another drug, you are just transforming your addiction into another form. It will be a constant cycle that will be impossible to break. Taking your inner fears, anxiety or depression and releasing them will open up more room for joy and success in your life. You will have improved health, you will feel happier and you may start to notice improved relationships with your loved ones.

If you or someone you know has an addiction encourage them to try Holistic Sound Healing.

Helping people with Addictions

woman-918616_640So many times people look down on individuals trapped in addictive behavior as they point their finger in disgust and contempt. The truth is all of us have addictive behaviors it’s just that some are considered acceptable like drinking 12 cups of coffee a day, running five to ten miles a day, working 60 hours a week or more.

Addictions cover up the fears that are lying beneath our conscious awareness and are a way of coping with the unknown issue that is traumatic to the individual. This also can be a learned behavior and a habit.

When the underlying trauma is identified and removed the individual has an excellent chance of overcoming their addiction.