The Science of Letting Go

Have you ever sat at your desk or laid in your bed late at night thinking about how upset you were that a certain person did that certain thing to you ages ago? Maybe you do not even realize that you are holding onto something so closely until you see a picture of that person or you hear from them again. Your emotions may catch you off guard and it can be impossible to think about anything else in that moment of time. These are all signs that you are holding onto something very negative in your life. It’s okay to be upset or hurt about something for a period of time. It’s called grieving. You could be grieving about a past relationship, an untimely death, a lost job, etc. There are so many things that have the possibility to grieve over. However, once that grieving period ends and you start to handle your emotions in unhealthy patterns, or worse, you don’t handle them at all- it might be time to make a change.

Harboring those negative thoughts only increases your chance for negative thought patterns to develop. This negative energy that you have allowed into your life is wreaking havoc through your whole system. It can release itself in many different ways throughout your body. It can increase stress and decrease your happiness which in turn can leave you with poor health from the stress and depression or other unwanted emotional feelings. Holding onto something so tightly means you are applying your energy into that situation. You are no longer opening yourself up to a more positive opportunity or experience. You are shutting yourself off to the world around you.

This may all sound like gloom and doom. I can hear you saying, “I don’t want to be sad and stressed. I would love to have new opportunities in my life! I just don’t know how to let go!” All of these concerns lead to the infamous question. How do we let go? If we are constantly thinking about how we want to let go of this situation, we are simply applying more energy into an unwanted topic that will not benefit us. It is important to reach a new mindset where you feel comfortable with thinking about the situation or person. Allow yourself to think of all the happy and sad times and maybe why you’re upset or why you’re sad. Allow yourself to feel those emotions in that moment. Then once you have ran through those emotions thoroughly tell yourself you are at peace with what happened and you are willing to let go. You don’t have to have all the answers right there or feel completely fine, but once you tell yourself that you are willing to let go you are allowing your energy to take a positive turn and help you. The universe will work its magic and help you with the rest. The most important thing to remember though, is that you are willing to let go. Nothing comes easy, but soon after you will find yourself with a lighter heart and a more open mind.

If you are still struggling during the time of letting go, Holistic Sound Healing will be able to help. Sound Healing can remove the negative energy you have towards a situation or person and allow you to alleviate some of the pain or pressure you are feeling. You may start to notice a positive change in your life faster and you may be even more willing to let go.

An important thing to remember is that you are always where you need to be. You may have even ran across this article for a reason. Every day is always a great day to redirect your energy into positive opportunities. It is okay to remember situations or people, but by releasing that negative energy and thought connected to it, you are opening the door to a happier life and a better future.