Repressing Your Emotions

Repressing emotions is very common and many people do this in their daily lives. If something uncomfortable or traumatic happened, it may be possible to push that memory to the back of the mind so much that you eventually “forget” about it. I put quotations around ‘forget’ because you aren’t actually forgetting about it. The memory is very much present in your mind, you just aren’t completely conscious of it. It may pop up from time to time if something reminds you of it, or if you’re experiencing some of the same emotions that you experienced during that difficult time. Traditional therapy methods mainly help you with coping mechanisms. Coping simply means that you become okay with living with this “thing” that is in your life. Whether this “thing” is depression, abuse when you were a child, a bad accident, etc., you are still living with it and trying to be okay with it.

Holistic Sound Healing allows you to completely change your energy about the situation. Things that you didn’t even know were bothering you may surface and you will be able to view them in a different way. By eliminating some of those repressed thoughts, your mind is open to clearer and more positive thinking. Your depression or anxiety may be linked to one of those repressed thoughts that you didn’t even know you had. By digging out the roots, you are taking the problem away. Holistic Sound Healing will make those intense feelings go away and they will not bother you as much as before, if at all.

Avoiding your problems will only lead to more resent or hardship in the future. By facing your problems you are taking care of your mental and physical health. With a clearer mind and more positive thinking, your body will start to respond in a positive way. You may notice more energy, less aches or pains and a variety of other benefits depending on what you repressed. Taking care of your mind is similar to taking care of your body. You wouldn’t avoid getting a lump checked out on your body; why would you avoid being happy? Don’t wait any longer to rediscover yourself!