Bad Habits or Underlying Issues?

Have you ever woken up in the morning to nothing but a sore jaw? You realized that for the last several hours while you were sleeping, you were doing nothing but grinding your teeth and building tension in your jaw. Have you ever wanted to grow out your nails but you couldn’t because you can’t stop biting them? You’re never able to have pretty hands. Do cold sores randomly pop up at the most inopportune time? These bad habits could all be linked to an emotion or thought you are harboring that causes stress or frustration in your life!

Teeth grinding is usually caused by stress or anger. By holding in all those emotions, your body is trying to find a release of them. Holistic Sound Healing can clear the anger or stress that you are harboring in your life. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are holding onto something until it is brought up. Your mind is very good at suppressing unpleasant memories and thoughts.

A similar bad habit that could be linked to emotion is nail biting. Some people struggle from time to time with biting their nails and some find it impossible to even grow out their nails because they bite them so much! A probable cause for nail biting could be linked to frustration, eating away at oneself or even spite of a parent. Whether you are frustrated with the way your boss wants to do something at work and you find yourself biting at your nails as soon as you get back to your desk, or you are feeling some unexplained emotion and nail biting comforts you; it can be easy to remove this with Holistic Sound Healing. By removing these negative thoughts or emotions, your habits will remove with them. Think of how much happier you will be, and not to mention healthier! Biting nails carries a plethora of germs that can be harmful to you.

Another nasty flaw that appears on some people are cold sores. They seem to pop up randomly when you least expect it and when it is least desirable. An emotion that could be linked to your cold sores is the festering of angry words and the fear of expressing them. Have you been upset with someone lately? Possibly gotten into a disagreement that wasn’t settled so nicely? By keeping in those nasty thoughts and words, your body is allowing that stress to escape via cold sores. Holistic Sound Healing takes those emotions away so you will be able to think about that argument and not feel so much anger or emotion, or any at all!

Overall, we allow our bodies to continue to practice these bad habits by not taking responsibility of our emotions and mindset. By eliminating some of the negativity and emotions through Holistic Sound Healing, you are able to live a life free of bad habits or nasty flaws. This will make you happier and overall healthier. What are you waiting for?