PMS is common with most women before they experience their menstrual cycle. But for some, the symptoms can be debilitating and leaving them with little control of their daily lives. Through intense emotional mood swings, lack of energy, headaches and pain throughout the body, it can almost be impossible to function.

Researchers suggest that intense PMS is due to an imbalance of hormones. There isn’t much research proven as to why PMS is more prominent in some people compared to others but it may be linked to genetics, nutrition and psychological factors. You may be storing emotion in your body that is linked to your menstrual cycle. Your body may not be processing a hormone efficiently and that alone can throw your whole body out of whack. Through Holistic Sound Healing we are able to relieve some of the dramatic emotions that are felt during PMS. For example, here is a testimonial from a woman who received treatments and experienced positive results. “…The first two months after the treatment, I felt tremendous improvement. I was experiencing very little emotional swing at all. The last two months I have been noticing a little more intensity coming back. However, it isn’t for 5 to 7 days like before the treatment. I am noticing one to two days before, some emotion, but it is only lasting for a short duration, 10-15 minutes or so and it is gone. I am very excited with the results I have gotten…”

This woman had dealt with intense PMS for over 20 years and couldn’t take the intense mood swings any longer. Chances are that emotions experienced during PMS are linked to a bigger problem. By clearing the negative emotions, your brain is able to think more clearly and work more efficiently. With a healthy mind, your body starts to become a well-oiled machine. Not only will clearing negative emotions linked to PMS help your PMS, but it could improve many other aspects in your life as well. Everything is connected and it is important to take care of our bodies.