How Becoming a Sound Therapy Practitioner Can Help Your Coaching Business

Have you been trying to find new ways to reach your clients? Do you seem to get to a certain level with your clients but it’s hard for them to release old mindsets or emotions? Do you wish you could leave an even bigger positive impact on them?


Sound therapy is a way to get to the root of negative subconscious beliefs and release them through sound frequency. By becoming a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, you could provide a beneficial service to your clients in a way that they haven’t had access to before.


What is sound therapy? It’s the use of sound to help balance the body’s frequency and create a more aligned life, free from negative emotion, addictions and health concerns. By using frequency of sound and getting to the root subconscious belief, this method can be used to help relieve both physical pain and emotional blocks.


So what does becoming a certified sound therapy practitioner look like? Check out our video for all the details:

The training includes everything you need to start your business or add to your existing practice. We provide unlimited support and want to see you grow and succeed. Your training package includes everything you need excluding a laptop computer. This is solely your business and all the profits are yours. With our training, the learning never ends. We offer continuing education and keep you up to date with all new developments.


Check out some of our current sound therapy practitioners!


We encourage you to reach out even if you’re still skeptical or unsure if this is a path you want to pursue. We will answer any questions and help you decide if this is the right decision for your business.

Are you a goal digger?

We all know a person who is crazy ambitious and has a million things they want to accomplish. Just being around them gives you energy to want to do something. Then after a while the high that they give you wears off and you start to wonder why you aren’t as excited about life and goals as they are. It makes you question if there is something wrong with you or if you’re just not meant to be as successful as them.

That is the farthest from the truth. The only way you will ever get anything that you truly want is if you work hard, think about it a lot, and dedicate everything you do to that goal. Is it your life-long goal to write a novel? Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Do you want to eventually get a job in a different city? There are a few different things that you need to do in order to chase your goals and dreams.

The first thing you need to do is stop saying ‘someday.’ If you say someday, everyday, it will never happen. That someday will just keep getting postponed and it will never happen. Do you think JK Rowling had this amazing idea about Harry Potter and said, “Hmm, maybe someday I’ll get around to writing this multi-billion dollar legacy?” Granted at the time she did not know what her creation would bring, but the fact that she sat down and did something she loved and was working towards finishing those books, she was following her goals. You have no idea how large the success from your goals could become. Wouldn’t you rather find out sooner than possibly never?

The second thing you need to do is set a plan. Even if you steer off of the plan, it’s okay because you have something to guide you. Without a general idea of what steps you need to take, it might become impossible to figure out how to achieve your goal. Do not become discouraged if your steps seem a little elaborate or hard to reach. It just means you will have to work harder towards your goal. The harder you work the sweeter the prize feels at the end.

Thirdly, if you feel like things are getting too hard-keep pushing. That is the moment something amazing is about to happen. If you keep pushing through that moment that is when you will experience the light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to reach out to friends and family and let them know if you need assistance in reaching your goal. It’s okay to ask for help and use assistance. The people who love you will want to see you succeed.

Holistic Sound Healing is a great way to uncap your inner inhibitions. By releasing your fears and negative emotions, you will be able to find your true goals and chase after them without hesitation. By rediscovering your inner self, you will be able to rediscover your goals and find what you truly want to work towards.

These are just a few steps and tips to chasing your goals. By making that someday, today, you will finally be able to start your journey. By setting a plan and figuring out the steps you need to take, it will be easy to stick to your goal. Through the tough times it is important to remember to keep pushing. Something amazing is right around the corner. And through the use of Holistic Sound Healing you will be able to release your fears and negative thoughts and enjoy your journey to reaching your goal. I hope these tips help you find your way to true happiness!