The Blame Game

We all know somebody who immediately places the blame on someone else whenever something goes wrong. Maybe we are that person; maybe we live with that person. Either way it can become stressful to handle those constant feelings of anger and denial.
There is a breakdown that happens in the blamer’s mind when their actions don’t go as planned or they have unintended results.
1. Protect core beliefs
2. Meet their desires
3. Coping with their emotional state by judging others

All these processes that go through the blamer’s mind comes down to one simple trait. They engage in selfish behavior. These people believe that by placing the blame on someone else, they are protecting their core beliefs and therefore in denial. Blaming other people will make them feel less guilty and satisfy their inner desire to feel good about themselves. If the blamer is flustered or even embarrassed, it is easier to pick out the flaws in others to over rule the fact that they messed up. It is a simple process that can cause a lot of drama.

Selfishness is a short-term fulfilling behavior that takes no concern of other people or long-term consequences. So how can we determine if someone is selfish? Typically a selfish person has low self-esteem and therefore will do anything to make him or herself feel/look better. They look for short-term solutions that will give them some type of satisfaction. This brings us right back to the blame game. Blaming someone is a short-term solution that gives you immediate satisfaction.

People who are constantly blaming typically do not realize they are doing this. It is a pattern in their minds that is impossible to discover unless you are forced to see it. Do you ever find yourself having bad situations happen to you? Is negativity constantly surrounding your life? Are the people you are surrounded with dealing with the same problems you are? Holistic Sound Healing can help give you that positive energy back in your life. You will find yourself surrounded by more positive people and the ability to identify situations more clearly. You won’t feel as much hate or conflict in your life. The energy you give off is the energy you receive and find yourself surrounded by. Take a hard look at the group of people you are surrounded by and evaluate the different decisions in your life. A few sessions of sound healing could change your life!

How to Improve Your Energy

It is a proven law that our bodies do not only end with our skin, but the energy that creates a field around us. When we have positive energy, positive experiences will be attracted to your energy. However, it is very possible to harvest negative energy. This can happen by eating unhealthy/over-processed foods, drinking alcohol, not getting enough sleep, and different radioactivity from technology devices. Really the list goes on and on. So it can become very easy to have a negative aura.

Having a negative aura leads to even more problems. Negativity will be attracted to your life and that can lead to a spiraling and overwhelming effect. Have you ever heard the phrase “What you put into something is what you get out?” That is similar to our energy.

Sound therapy is a great way to improve your energy. It does this by removing the negative energies/thoughts you have kept inside your body. This allows your frequencies to become more balanced creating higher and improved energy.

By removing negative thoughts from your life, you are allowing positive energy to flow through your body. By doing this more positive energy will be attracted to your life. You may start to see an improvement in your relationships with loved ones, coworkers, friends and even strangers. You will have a calmer presence about you that will attract more people into your life. You will no longer be thinking in an instinctual way but rather in a clearer and higher self.

Although sound therapy will help improve your energy and clear negativity in your life it is important to maintain positive practices in your life. Here are a few ways to balance your positive energy.

1. Meditation: Meditation allows you to connect with your higher self and unwind after a long day or prepare for a full day. Meditation helps you reach a mindset of clarity and strength.

2. Essential Oils: Essential Oils have different effects for every oil. They can rejuvenate you, relax you or even relieve pain.

3. Yoga: by opening your body to this practice your chakras are able to become aligned and stabilize you. Most people live their day-to-day lives with all of their chakras closed off which is a sure sign of imbalance.

4. Exercise: Exercise releases endorphins and relieves stress. It is important to practice things that will give you positive energy afterwards and exercising is proven to do so.

If you maintain these practices on top of sound therapy, there is a good chance you will be having many positive experiences. Our minds are just as fragile as our bodies and it is important that we take care of them. By practicing these essential things, we are exercising our minds to become better.