attracting better relationships into our lives

Attracting Better Relationships Into Our Lives

If you’re someone who has been through their fair share of heartbreak and lack of trust in relationships you may believe that you are cursed when it comes to love. Or maybe you’re someone who has a hard time committing and can be emotionally distant in relationships. Either way, it can become exhausting wondering if you will ever meet someone who is the right fit for you and someone that you can trust.

Relationship issues are rooted deep in our subconscious and we unconsciously attract people with the same vibration as us. If you believe that you aren’t worthy of someone loyal, kind, successful, etc. you may attract someone without those qualities. You may be thinking, “Of course I want someone loyal, kind and successful but I’m still attracting the opposite.” There may be stored emotions from previous relationships stuck in your body.

Sometimes when we get out of a relationship we don’t allow ourselves to grieve fully. Some people date right away to move on and avoid some of the heartbreak. Some people live in the past and romanticize the person they were with. It’s important to move on however you see fit, but allow yourself to feel the heartbreak and go through the emotions.

How Can We Change?

Remember, it’s not a bad thing to have your heart broken. It’s part of the human experience and can open our eyes to many things, create new opportunities, and appreciate the love that we did and do have.

When going through a heartbreak, journal, meditate, talk with family and friends, practice breathing techniques, practice forgiveness and let go of any emotions that no longer serve you.

If we have emotions from past relationships stored in our body, it may be lowering our frequency and preventing us from moving on with the person that better suits our lives. Energy sound frequency therapy is a great way to remove any unwanted emotions stored in our body from past relationships. Whether that is anxiety surrounding falling in love, trust issues, anger, doubt, betrayal, etc. You deserve to step into the next relationship with peace.

When we change our frequency we can change our lives and attract better things into it. If you’re suffering from broken relationships, schedule a session with us. Call us at (920) 680-3479 or book a session online at

Fixing the Relationships in our Lives

Every relationship goes through their fair share of arguments, disagreements and stressful moments. But if the relationships in your life all feel heavy, negative and difficult to navigate there might be something within you that is reflecting onto these relationships.

Louise Hay says “The only way to change others – change ourselves first. Change your patterns, and you will find that ‘they’ are different, too. Blame is useless. Blaming only gives away our power. Keep your power. Without power, we cannot make changes.”

When a relationship isn’t going the way we want it to, we may feel powerless and hopeless. But the truth is, you always have power in every situation. By releasing the inner patterns that cause these situations, your relationships will start to mirror how you feel on the inside.

But what if you don’t know what your pattern is that you need to change? Energy Sound Frequency Therapy can help identify what inner subconscious belief is blocking some of your relationships. We can then clear that emotion and you will start to see changes in your life regarding the people in it and how they act around you.

Another indicator of relationship problems is a lack of self love. If you are feeling unworthy, unlovable, powerless or unhappy with yourself, it might be the cause of the unfulfilling relationships around you. By finding a way to become fulfilled and worthy on your own, your relationships will start to reflect that.

This may seem easier said than done, but even by recognizing this pattern, you are making great progress. You can use affirmations, meditation, energy sound frequency therapy, and many other methods to help regain your power.

Reach out if you are struggling with relationships in your life. We are happy to help and answer any questions you have.