Do you have a fear of flying?

Flying in an airplane is a very regular and common fear. It may feel like you do not have control over events that could possibly happen. As soon as those plane doors close you may feel trapped and suffocated. This is prevalent in a lot of people. This may even hinder their abilities to go visit family, go on business trips or even be near an airport.

Most people start to manifest this fear to create unnecessary scenarios or events that might happen. By manifesting these negative emotions people may experience panic attacks or becoming very ill on planes. Some people say there is no way to overcome your fear unless you face it. That act in itself can seem daunting and almost immobilizing. But there is a way to help get over your fear of flying without actually stepping foot on a plane.

Sound therapy is able to release those negative thoughts and/or manifestations you have about flying. By acknowledging the fear you have and clearing it, you will be able to think about flying without feeling the same emotions you did before. Whether you are claustrophobic, paranoid or just down right terrified of flying, sound therapy can assist you in diminishing your fear of flying.

“Before the trip, and after my visit to your office, I tested myself by visualizing entering and exiting the plane, with body to body people trying to get on or off.  Normally this visualization gave me a sick feeling in my stomach; but, this time it did not…”

This is a testimonial from someone who has benefitted from sound therapy. She had sever claustrophobia and needed multiple Xanax pills to get through one flight. Through the process of sound therapy she was able to get through a flight with just one Xanax and she keeps feeling better about flying.

Sound therapy will help immensely with your fear of flying; however, it is important to practice helpful techniques to prevent yourself from becoming nervous.

  1. Focus on your breathing while you are in the cabin
  2. Try to choose an isle seat for easy access
  3. Get to the airport ahead of time so you won’t be surprised if there are any delays
  4. Bring a little snack and buy some water at the airport. It’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up while you are flying. (Hunger releases the stress hormone cortisol and it is important to prevent that)
  5. Make sure you are organized and have a digital and hard copy of your boarding pass/tickets
  6. Bring a book or movie to watch while you are in flight to distract yourself
  7. Always remind yourself that this flight, no matter how long or short, will eventually be over and you will be at your destination in no time

If sound therapy can help with a fear of flying, imagine all the other fears we can work with. Is there something in your life that is bothering you? Now is the time to decide that you don’t need to deal with it anymore. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt.