How Coaches Can Help Their Clients Heal

If you are a life coach, career coach or any type of coach that connects with people and improves their lives with mindset shifts and actionable steps, then you might want to consider becoming an energy sound frequency therapy practitioner.

We all know that what we think, we create; however, some of our clients may have emotional blockages that we can’t always solve by just talking. These could be deeply rooted traumas, limited beliefs and other emotions trapped in the subconscious.

So how does it work?

Through the use of non-force kinesiology, a practitioner will connect with a client’s energy and find the emotion causing an imbalance in the body. They created specifically developed sound frequencies to target issues rooted in the client’s subconscious and body. Quantum physics tells us that everything in this world is made up of atoms, and atoms vibrate at a certain frequency. If we will improve the frequency in our energy field, release negative emotions for success, happiness.

How do you become a practitioner?

There are no prerequisites to obtaining this certification. You don’t need a degree or any higher education. This practice is best for people who are passionate about helping others improve their quality of life and develop a higher level of self-awareness. You can obtain certification through a 9 consecutive day course. Once completed, you will have all the information and tools you need on starting your own business or adding to your existing business. You will also have a network of certified sound frequency therapy practitioners to collaborate with and get support from.

Why should you take this step?

By becoming a certified Energy Sound Frequency Therapy Practitioner, you are creating more opportunities for your clients to release old ways of thinking and limiting beliefs. You can help them reach their goals quicker, help them lead healthier lives, and eliminate any negativity that is holding them back. It sets your clients up for success. You are also joining a movement of forward-thinking wellness professionals that incorporate sound frequency with their healing methods. Check out some of our testimonials from existing clients.


Check out our FAQ page filled with commonly asked questions. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact Bonnie or Steve Vincent to set up a consultation and see if this is the right career path for you. 

How Becoming a Sound Therapy Practitioner Can Help Your Coaching Business

Have you been trying to find new ways to reach your clients? Do you seem to get to a certain level with your clients but it’s hard for them to release old mindsets or emotions? Do you wish you could leave an even bigger positive impact on them?


Sound therapy is a way to get to the root of negative subconscious beliefs and release them through sound frequency. By becoming a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, you could provide a beneficial service to your clients in a way that they haven’t had access to before.


What is sound therapy? It’s the use of sound to help balance the body’s frequency and create a more aligned life, free from negative emotion, addictions and health concerns. By using frequency of sound and getting to the root subconscious belief, this method can be used to help relieve both physical pain and emotional blocks.


So what does becoming a certified sound therapy practitioner look like? Check out our video for all the details:

The training includes everything you need to start your business or add to your existing practice. We provide unlimited support and want to see you grow and succeed. Your training package includes everything you need excluding a laptop computer. This is solely your business and all the profits are yours. With our training, the learning never ends. We offer continuing education and keep you up to date with all new developments.


Check out some of our current sound therapy practitioners!


We encourage you to reach out even if you’re still skeptical or unsure if this is a path you want to pursue. We will answer any questions and help you decide if this is the right decision for your business.

What is a salt lamp and how can it help you?

You may have noticed the increasing number of orange rock-lamps popping up in stores and malls around you. And although they are a very fun and appealing thing to put in your home, they serve another purpose as well. This multi-functioning salt lamp actually helps purify the air in your home and assists in helping anxiety, allergies and other unwanted toxins.

So what actually is a salt lamp and how does it help? Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from pure Himalayan Salt. The salt is a natural negative ion generator. With all the negative and positive ions in the air, sometimes an imbalance can occur. Positive ions can form from electronics or other toxicity in the air. Negative ions are a neutralizer and cleanse the air. You can find negative ions from lightening storms, ocean waves and other natural forces. The light and salt in the lamps is what creates the negative ions. This is because salt attracts water and the water then evaporates from the heat the light source produces; during this process the negative ions form.

Some of the benefits from having an increasing amount of negative ions in the air can include more oxygen to the brain, fewer germs or bacteria in the air, fewer allergens and overall more mental alertness. This can help your anxiety as well due to the increased oxygen in your brain and the balance of ions. Technology and other toxic positive ions affect our body by sending artificial electromagnetic wavelengths with different frequency values. This creates an imbalance with the natural electromagnetic oscillation that is present on this planet. By creating this imbalance your wavelength frequency becomes imbalanced and you are left with imbalanced hormones, sleep patterns, health behaviors, etc.

Overall, these lamps are not only a beautiful thing to have in your home, but also an overall beautiful thing for your health. By eliminating some of the positive ions found in your home from technology and other factors, you are able to have cleaner air, less allergens and overall more alertness. Holistic Sound Healing can also benefit your natural frequency and cleanse your body of the technological toxins found in the air around you. It is important to take care of your mind and body by being aware of what is actually present in your space. And while purchasing your salt lamp, be sure that it is made from actual Himalayan Salt and not a knock off, as it will not have the same effects.